Dreams About Drowning – Meaning

Drowning is one of the most horrific experiences for any living being. Dreaming about it is definitely unpleasant and even traumatic in some cases. One can only wonder why the brain would have such irksome images hidden in the subconscious mind. I will try to answer that question for you. Using the psychological approach and esoteric knowledge, the article will talk about the meaning of being drowned in a dream.

How common are drowning dreams?

Thousands of people around the world, just like you, search for the meaning behind it every month. I get at least a dozen emails from our readers asking me to interpret their dreams about drowning. According to scientific studies, drowning triggers one of the most horrifying responses of the body. Lack of oxygen is torture for any living being depending on it. So, our brains are programmed to fear the drowning and troubled minds often dream of it.

What does it mean to drown in a dream?

Specific scenarios need to be analyzed to truly understand the meaning behind the drowning dream. In general, however, it has a negative meaning and often associated with mental problems such as fear of death, anxiety, inability to face the challenges and even the difficulties of function as a normal adult.


If you were drowning in your own bathtub, it means that even your own house became uncomfortable mentally. We all have comfort zones and home is where we feel safe the most. Dreaming of a threat of getting killed in your own bathtub means that subconsciously you don’t feel safe anywhere. The reason behind is individual and requires an assessment of your life. Think about how you feel in general and what makes you anxious. Analyze your thoughts and try to determine what makes you feel unsafe at your own place.
If your child is drowning in a bathtub, it means that parenting is difficult for you. Lately, you’ve been experiencing stress and dealing with kids can be tiring. With all the stress in your life, you question how good of a parent you really are. You should know that being a parent is a difficult task and nobody is perfect. It also sounds like you need a break. Let somebody babysit your kid and take a day off where you calm your mind.
If your partner or a family member drowns in a bathtub, it means that the relationship between you and them will get tense in the near future. Someone close drowning in your own house symbolizes their questionable future in your life. The conflict, however, won’t be too serious unless you escalate it. So, make sure you deal with disagreements with diplomacy and patience.

Ocean / Sea

Drowning in the ocean symbolizes the challenges of life and stress you experience. The outside world for you is getting bigger like the ocean and feel overwhelmed by everything going around. The world is changing fast. What was new yesterday is considered old today. There are countless things going on – new technologies, movies, job requirements, etc. It is stressful to keep up with all of this and you feel tired.
If your child was drowning in the ocean or in the sea, it means that you are overly protective. You fear that the world will harm your children and do everything to protect them. The obsession with being protective is getting too much. You got into it so much that your subconscious mind is telling you to relax a bit.
Seeing your partner or a family member drowning in the ocean means that you slowly are losing the trust. There have been tiny cues about their dishonesty and your brain is picking them up. You are beginning to question some of their actions and dream of images them getting drown.

During the flood

If you drowned during the flood, it means that you are expecting the threat that will soon arrive in your life. This will be a significant challenge for you. Only by finding inner strength and mental power you will be able to overcome it.

During the rain

The rain is not a typical cause of someone drowning. Unusual scenarios like this can be interpreted as the hidden deception coming from someone you consider as a friend. Soon a close friend will try to stab you in the back and betray you. Try to be well prepared for it.

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