Eagle Dream Interpretation – Expert Opinion

You’ve dreamt of an eagle and want to know the meaning of it? You are at the right place! The meaning behind dreams is not easy to detect. It involves so many variables that without an expert opinion, you might misinterpret it. Luckily, this article will help you interpret the dream about an eagle. It is based on esoteric knowledge and tedious research.

Eagle Symbolism

  • Freedom
  • Nobility
  • Strength
  • Victory
  • Triumph

Meaning Behind Eagle Dreams

Eagle Flying in the sky – The majestic beast is being where it is supposed to be. They belong up there, looking over the earth to find the prey. Your dreams indicate the glorious sensation leaving its mark on your subconscious. Most likely it is caused by the enormous subliminal satisfaction you are experiencing due to the successful life decisions. The eagle is a symbol of freedom and triumph. You see them at night because you are satisfied with the current progress. It could be caused by the progression in different fields of life. Are you doing great at your job, others are noticing and you are advancing your career? Are you having a wonderful time with a love of your life, fulfilling your inner desire for love and affection? Have you achieved something significant such as graduation from university or got into the best shape of your life? Or perhaps there is an important event in front of you and feel super confident about it. Whatever is happening in your life, know that the strength is within you. Things are going the way they are supposed to. You need to maintain the self-confidence you feel inside right now. It is crucial for the future success not to doubt yourself and the decisions you made.

If you are not feeling things written above, the dream of a flying eagle has the second most common meaning. You are desperate for living the life that you always envisioned for yourself. The current position is not satisfactory and you feel unhappy on a daily basis. You understand well that life can be much better than it is right now. You love yourself and believe that the better the being is something that you deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Your subconscious mind is trying to push you to do things for a better tomorrow. Don’t let the present barriers stop you from improving yourself, your finances, love life and health. If your strength and mental well-being was not sufficient enough for you to achieve all of the things you desire, then you would not dream of the animal that symbolizes glory and victory.

Eagle Flying in your house – It is an unusual place for the king of the birds to be, but such dreams mostly carry the positive meaning. If the eagle is friendly, then it has visited you. You consider your house to be the source of the power within. Emotional stability it provides is crucial for you to maintain a healthy path in life. The eagle gives you the confidence and you base your strength on the familiar settings. It can be your house, your family, old friendships and the core values you have from an early age. It, however, does not like getting overly comfortable. If the eagle stays in the comfort zone and does not fly miles to find the prey, it would not be who it is. It would not dominate the sky and terrify everyone below it. You should avoid the same thing. Getting too attached to the comfort and familiar settings could give you a happy life temporarily, but in the long run, it will only harm your progress. One must explore unfamiliar places in order to get to the top.

Flying under you – The eagle does not belong on the ground or flying on a very low altitude. If it is flying under you in your dreams, it means that either it is unnaturally low or you are in the sky. If you are on the ground and you see it flying around your legs, it means that the challenges arise for you and you doubt the strength inside you will be enough to overcome them. Imagine the typical scenario: you work hard to improve your skills and go further in your career. The management at your job noticed the effort you put in and the long-awaited promotion has finally happened. There is, however, something not right inside you. The doubt has settled inside your head and you are unsure of your competence to take a new position. In this situation, you would dream of the eagle flying under you. It is crucial to avoid such doubts and assess the situation with a cold mind. You need to be neutral and analyze both strengths and weaknesses. The eagle through your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that perhaps it is not a time, but you need to know if it is your fears speaking or your rational mind.

Dead eagle – It is possibly the worst thing to see when it comes to dreaming of eagles. The dead eagle is a bad omen and almost always (except for one scenario) carries the negative meaning. As a symbol of strength and triumph, seeing a lifeless eagle means losing it all. You feel despair inside your mind and the future seems bleak. You are demotivated and believe that you don’t have enough strength to keep fighting. It matters a lot where exactly you discovered the body. If it was in the wild, it means you want to isolate yourself from everybody and give up on exploring the unknown. It is an unwise decision to do so. Remember, without destroying the shell you have created for yourself and putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you will be missing the chance of transforming yourself into a better you.

If the body was inside your house, the situation in your head is even worse. You have brought the doubts and fear inside your fortress. Now, even without going out in the wild, you feel insecure even at your own home. Careful analysis is needed to discover the core thoughts that cause such weakness. Only then you will be able to understand how to proceed with your life and take the next steps to improve the situation you are in.

One situation where such a dream has a positive (or at least neutral) meaning is if the eagle symbolizes somebody or something that was putting you in a position of prey. If you felt like the external factor was causing you to feel unprotected and vulnerable, then your brain has finally found the peace and no longer feels threatened. It is unknown how the eagle has died, but most importantly, the danger has been avoided. You have nothing to worry about anymore. Although it is still highly recommended to analyze what was causing you to feel this way. It will help you to avoid getting into the same situation in the future.

Broken wings – The wings are what defines the identity of an eagle. The ruthless predator that hunts from above is nothing without them. The broken wings carry a strong symbolic meaning and are associated with the inability to do something crucial. Despite the enthusiasm flowing inside you, there are barriers crippling you to go out and build the life you are destined to have. You find all the power and desire inside you to put yourself in the position of a creator, but external factors do not allow you to use your potential in life.

Perhaps the explanation given above is a little difficult to comprehend. So, here is one example: Imagine you are a bright student. You study hard and stay out of trouble. Your dream is to study science and work for NASA. You understand that the next step in life would be to get a higher education and go to a University. The problem, however, is that the tuition is so high, your parents cannot afford them. In such a situation, you would see the dreams of an eagle with broken wings. You do everything to push yourself and move forward, but there are things that you cannot control. So, you feel trapped and disappointed.

No wings – In a dream where the eagle does not have wings, the message the brain is trying to tell you is similar but different from the one with the broken wings. If in a previous scenario the wing symbolizes the limitation set on you by the external thing, here you find yourself unable to achieve things solely because of your own failure. Sure, the enthusiasm there and the motivation is plenty. Still, you believe you are not smart enough to win and think yourself as a loser. Let me tell you one thing – Nobody started being strong and super smart. They got there by the constant trying of improving themselves. The doubt that you have inside you is unhealthy for your future. Simply because you are unable to do certain things now, it does not mean that it will always be like that. You can’t demotivate yourself with thoughts like that and expect your situation to get better. Often people dream of eagles without wings because they are afraid of failure. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in life. Without failure, we do not develop and learn things that help us to get achievements in the future.

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