Elephant in a Dream – Meaning

Seeing an elephant in a dream has various interpretations. It depends on what exactly was happening in a dream and how you perceive elephants in general. This article will help you understand both esoteric and psychological meaning. 

Elephant Symbolism 

  • Protective
  • Loyalty
  • Good memory
  • Happy Life

What does an elephant in a dream mean?

Typically elephants carry a positive symbolism. Unless the specific setting of a dream disturbs it, it is a good sign to see an elephant in a dream. 

Riding an elephant means you will experience a great social life and discover unquestionable loyalty from the people close to you. Your friends will be with you in times of need and support during the difficult problems. 

Elephant chasing you has a negative meaning. It is a bad sign and should be taken seriously. It means your mind has trouble dealing with the challenges of life. You doubt your ability to achieve a happy life. 

The elephant inside your house is a good sign. It means you will be protected from external threats. The house will be the place for your getaway from the chaotic world. You will discover the ability to use what’s familiar to your advantage. 

Finding a dead elephant is a bad sign. Being involved in such a scenario is undesired. It could be indicating self-doubt growing inside you. Carefully listening to your mind and understanding the inner call is important to find peace. 

It is common to dream of a white elephant. It typically carries the symbolism of wealth and well-being. Such a dream is a sign of the increasing levels of self-confidence. You can use it to achieve career success. 

Elephant Dream Q/A – You tell a dream, Jennifer interprets it 

Giant Elephant 

I dreamt of a giant elephant. It appeared suddenly near my house. It was a nice summer day and everything seemed calm and peaceful. I was alone, sitting on my balcony. I saw this magnificent creature walking, shaking the ground in the process. I remember I did not get scared. Only gazed it and enjoyed the beauty of the creature. What could it mean? Please help me understand the dream.

Your dream carries a positive meaning. I can confidently say it because the setting shows no negative symbolism. You can easily notice the calmness of your mind by seeing the overall picture of your dream. The scenario is so serene without any complications. There is only you enjoying the beautiful day and the elephant that suddenly appeared.

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