Dreaming About Elevator – 8 Surprising Meanings

Seeing an elevator in a dream hides the complex mental processes in your subconscious mind. Understanding the meaning behind it can be difficult. It is, however, crucial to do so to detect important information about your well-being. Below is a lengthy guide for interpreting various scenarios. I went over the following possible meanings of dreaming about the elevator in details:

– There is a transitional period in your life
– Success and progress
– Regress and failure in your life
– Fear of death and weakness
– Feeling trapped in a problematic situation
– Uncertainty plagues your mind
– You are seeking for emotional support
– Your relationships are about to be challenged

and other interpretations.

What Elevator in a Dream Could Mean

An elevator is going up – Dream like this can have a positive meaning. You are leaving behind the lower floors and moving upward. You feel confident and satisfied with your current progress in life. Because of this, your brain projects the feeling of success into the dreams. Regardless of the situation in an elevator, going up always means a good thing. You must maintain a positive attitude and make sure the success doesn’t blind you and hinder your future development. Just because you are moving up does not mean that you are already at where you need to be. Your subconscious mind is telling you to use your success to further motivate yourself.

An elevator is going down – Obviously, this has the opposite meaning. Regress can happen in your life and your subconscious mind is dreaming of it. Life is a complex process and we do not always improve. Sometimes we experience setbacks, but it should not stop you from trying to improve yourself. Such dreams also appear in the minds of the people who do not actually experience regression but have a fear of failure. Perhaps you are an overachiever and can’t imagine yourself without doing better every day. It could also mean that you do not want to fail because of some external factor. It can be the pressure from your boss, afraid of getting fired, disappointing your parents or being competitive.

An elevator is falling – Such a traumatic experience in your dream is symbolically negative. Since accident like this is most likely fatal, your subconscious might have a fear of death. That’s why you dream of something that will end up your life. Since death is inevitable and means the ending of our existence, humans developed an evolutionary instinct to fear it. You may not think of it daily. Although your brain hides thoughts about it in your subconscious mind and translates them into the tragic images such as falling elevator in your dream.

The falling elevator can also have less dramatic meaning. It can also symbolize the loss of control and failing the goals you have in life. Often people project their inability to cope with the stress and challenges of daily life to the dreams of things that depict accidents that are rare but have a large negative impact. Are there things in your life that are difficult? Is your work challenging? Or perhaps you are in a relationship that requires lots of effort to maintain.

An elevator is stuck – One of the most terrifying experiences in life can happen in a dream as well. There are a few meanings behind such dreams, depending on the situation. If you are stuck alone in an elevator, it means that you feel trapped in your waking life. There is something that you cannot do about and it troubles you during your sleep. For example, a person who is working a dead-end job from 9 to 5 and doesn’t have an education might feel trapped in a loop where he cannot improve himself or change the job. Such a person might dream of being stuck in an elevator alone. Being alone symbolizes not getting any help from other people. When there is nobody to support you and help you to get out of such a situation, your mind translates it into images of being alone.

If you are stuck in an elevator with somebody else, then it means that the relationship with that person is in a phase where it does not move forward and might need to be fixed or end. For example, if you dream that you are stuck with your boyfriend or husband, your brain is telling you that things between you two are not great and something hinders the development of the relationship. If you are stuck in an elevator with your friend, then the friendship lost its charm and looks boring and dull. It is up to you how you react to the dream. If you analyze your situation and find out about the problematic relationship, you should either try to improve it or end it.

Dark Elevator – Dreaming of the elevator without light and no visible objects means that you are afraid of something that is about to happen. There is uncertainty ahead and you do not know how to act. You need to make a decision, but which one? Facing such a problematic situation can make you dream of dark places – an elevator for example. The combination has a strong symbolic meaning that almost always depicts a troubled and confused mind. Downwards going elevator in a dream like this means that your unlucky situation in a real-life is caused by an unknown reason. You understand clearly that things aren’t going the way they should. But what exactly is the cause of a setback? Figuring out is the key to fix the problematic situation.

Well-lit elevator – If the lighting in the elevator in your dream is well-lit and you can clearly see everything, it means that the transition phase in your life is clear and you don’t need to figure anything out. If you are moving up, then in a real-life whatever you are doing on a daily basis seems to be working perfectly. You should stick with it and not change anything. Otherwise, your progress might stop and you’ll be under the risk of failure. If the elevator is going down, then whatever makes you regress is obvious and you should not be trying to pretend you don’t know what your negative habits are. Take the responsibility for your actions and decide to end unhealthy behavior once and for all.

You are alone in the elevator – Dreaming of it means that you are losing hope in people around you. You have decided to take action alone without waiting for others – either your friends or family. How you feel about it in real life depends on your feelings in your dream. Were you happy? If so, then your subconscious mind is fine with being alone. You can go ahead and face the challenges without anybody’s help. Were you upset? Then it means that you are afraid of moving on without the people that used to be next to you. Now that you are alone, you are not sure if you can manage to survive on your own.

You are in the elevator with strangers – The elevator has a small area. Being there with strangers can be awkward even in your waking life. Such imagery means that you crave meeting the new people. Your brain lets strangers in a small space like an elevator. You might be getting tired of the people that you have around presently and need to change your social environment. To analyze such a dream further, you need to remember how you reacted and what happened. Were the strangers aggressive? Then the dream changes the meaning and symbolizes your frustration because of the people currently in your life. Perhaps you have just met them recently and unfamiliarity causes you to dislike them. Have you recently changed the job or moved to another place? Often the people who change the environment dream of being in an elevator with strangers.

With your friend or a family member – Being in an elevator with somebody familiar can be comforting. Elevator symbolizes change and moving in between layers of life. Going through such transformation is never easy. Especially without having somebody to help you out. With such dreams, your brain is telling you that it feels great to have support from your loved ones.

The dream can have an opposite meaning if your friend or a family member is arguing with you and you feel upset. Then it can mean that they are causing problems in your life during the change. Perhaps it is your partner who hinders your career by being selfish and refuse to support you. Or perhaps it is your friend who always tries to have fun and distracts you from important things like attending a school or doing your homework. You need to listen to your mind and evaluate the people around you. Are they there to help you with your progress or do they drag you back?

Elevator stinks – It means there is something going on in your life that subliminally you find questionable. It may seem that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. However, you have a feeling that you are missing something. There is a problem in your life and you can’t detect it, because you are too busy with other stuff. It is important to carefully analyze the processes around you. You might be missing something crucial.

An elevator is on fire – Regardless of the direction of an elevator, such dream means that you are overwhelmed and stressed. Your body is getting tired of fighting. It is important to listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. If you need to rest, you better do it. Otherwise, you will hit the limit and burn yourself out. The fire itself is a strong reminder of your limitations. When it comes to combination with the elevator, it is definitely something that should not be ignored. The stress is ruining the quality of your life and makes you less productive. Your body is in flames and it consumes your mental well-being as well. Such dreams will most likely become recurring if you will not relax and rest.

If the elevator is old, it means you need to take a pause and learn more from your past. It could be going up or down. Whatever you are experiencing in your life, needs to be reevaluated. You should not repeat the mistakes and instead, learn from them. Take a look at your life until now. What were your biggest failures? What was your greatest success? What have you learned from them? You can’t move forward and develop yourself without understanding and processing the things that happened.

If the elevator is modern, it means you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. Almost always such dreams have elevators going upwards. Our brain strongly associates modern elevators to success. It is time to leave behind what is old and undesired. It does not mean that you should get rid of everything and start from scratch. You should let things go that make you weaker and feel bad. Embrace the changes that are about to happen.

In rare cases, if the modern elevator is going down, it means that you need to have a break from technology and modern tools. Sure, they are helpful and new things can be appealing as well. However, if they are draining the energy from you, it is time to detox yourself. Try the minimalist approach to everyday life for a few days. Avoid using technology as much as possible. Need to type something? Do it in your notebook. Want to watch TV? How about you read a book instead? In a few days, you will feel refreshed and energized.

You cannot find the button of your floor – In such a situation, your dream projects the confusion and uncertainty from your waking life. You know that you need to change, get moving and go somewhere. The problem is that the way you are trying to move does not seem to be easy. You don’t know how to get where you want to go. But don’t be afraid of such a situation. The confusion is part of life and often most of the people aren’t even sure what they are doing. It is important that you understand your need for a change. How to get to that change is the matter of figuring out.

Dog in an elevator – There are changes going on in your life, but you can’t handle it alone. You are seeking emotional support during the transitional period. Your mind is craving the encouragement and compassion. Try to get that from others – your friends, family or a partner. Be open about it. It’s okay to need support. We are social animals and cannot handle things alone all the time. Even a few positive words can change a lot and motivate you.

You were not able to catch an elevator while dreaming – There was an opportunity in your life that you missed. The door is closed and now the elevator is gone. What’s left is to either wait for another or take another route to get where you were planning to go. Such a dream would occur to someone who feels guilty about his or her choice. For example, imagine a person is offered a job. He declined because of a family matter. Later his mind is troubled by the thoughts about it. Was it a good idea to decline it? Perhaps he would be happier there. The old job seems repetitive and sometimes even boring. He would most likely dream of missing the elevator because he is guilty about the decision he made.

The dream would also occur to someone who is about to make such a decision. Perhaps you are in a process of deciding what to do next. You are overwhelmed by the positive and negative sides of each choice and do not want to pick the wrong one. It is important to carefully analyze all the sides. There are no perfect decisions and when the choices are almost equally good (or bad), you will always lose something. However, it is important to make peace with yourself and accept the fact that you could only choose one thing.

Conclusion and what to do next

Hopefully, the interpretations above were useful and you found the meaning behind your dreams. It is always important not to conclude anything based on one dream. Make sure you analyze them over the period of time and then decide what they mean.

Elevator in a dream – Q & A by Jennifer Smith

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming About Elevator – 8 Surprising Meanings”

  1. I saw the elevator in my dream that was made completely out of gold. But the building where it was located was completely ruined. I needed to go downstairs because there was somebody waiting for me. I went inside and was looking for -15th floor, but it was skipped. There was -16 and -14, but only -15 was missing. The buttons on the elevator were made of diamonds. I felt uncomfortable for riding it and going down instead of up. I remember thinking about how my life could be better if this elevator belonged to me.

    I decided to come outside because there was no -15th floor. I tried to open the elevator door, but I couldn’t. I was stuck in there. I wanted to scream for help, but suddenly I realized I had no voice. Then I got paralyzed and could not move. I was completely hopeless, but suddenly the cow appeared and licked my hand. As soon as it did it, I was able to move again, opened the door and got away. The dream was really something. I don’t usually see lots of dreams, but this one was very memorable. Does anyone know what it could mean?

  2. It was the first time last night I saw an elevator in a dream. It was so intense that I decided to take the stairs this morning lol. I went inside and pressed the button. As soon as I did it, it started falling. I screamed and got ready for the impact, but it suddenly started moving up. Once it reached the top floor (I was seeing the movement of the elevator on the screen it had next to the mirror) it started falling again. This happened a few times and I was actually experiencing the terror the whole time. Worst dream ever.

    Then it stopped and the door opened. I crawled out and vomited. There was the police standing in front of me. They arrested me and took me to the police station. They were saying that I hacked the elevator and were sending me to jail for life. Luckily I woke up before I started experiencing how it was to be in jail lol.

  3. Is my dream about the elevator different than everybody else’s? I’ve read your Q/A and comments here. The entire planet was located in an elevator. So, everything we know and see around us was in there. It was huge unsurprisingly. I was a butterfly, flying around and minding my business. An elevator would go up during the day and start going down during the night. Everyone living inside seemed happy. My friends and family were there too. Although I was the only one in the form of a butterfly. Nothing major or dangerous had happened in the dream. We simply existed and felt happy. Is it weird? What does that tell about my mind?

    I usually have happy dreams. I don’t know why I never see nightmares. I can’t say that my life is perfect, but can’t complain about it either. It was the first time I saw an elevator though. Mostly I dream about my childhood home or things from daily life.

  4. Thank you for the article. I kept looking for a proper interpretation of a dream about an elevator. All the other websites seem to be writing nonsense. I see it in my dreams alarmingly often. I have a fear of them as well. I never take an elevator because of my claustrophobia. It makes my life difficult. I can never live on a higher level of a building. Unfortunately, I can’t be picky about my work and it is a nightmare to walk 8 floors every day. I hate to get lunch and forget about meeting the client who can’t find the entrance! (happens more often than you might think).

    In my dreams I usually see an elevator going down. I observe it from the outside because the building is transparent. I can, however, only see an elevator and not objects or people.

    Sometimes I am in an elevator and hear the loud music. During such dreams, I often realize that I am in a dream and it is not reality.

    I’m glad to see that other people also have dreams about it. My husband and friends always make fun of me for dreaming about it and quickly mention it is because of my claustrophobia. But perhaps those dreams came first? Who knows.

  5. In my dream I was walking in a giant elevator. It was completely dark, except for the path that was illuminated by the neon flowers. I walked slowly as if I wanted to enjoy the surreal scenery. Then I’ve heard the voice of my mother coming outside of an elevator. I believe the meaning behind my mother’s voice was to tell me it was a dream and I should wake up. When I was a kid, she always used to tell me to stop dreaming and get back to reality (school).

    The strange thing was that I did not listen and continued walking. Because of my disobedience, I felt extremely joyful. Even though everything was dark around me, I loved the environment. I knew there was the world inside this elevator, full of variety and beauty. I was saying “so what if I don’t see. I know it is out there and I enjoy the presence of this world with my mind.”

    Then the sun started rising and I saw everything. The neon flowers disappeared and decayed trees were everywhere. Apparently, I was walking in the dead forest. I was thinking about how lucky I was that I was not attacked by some monster during the night and how silly I was for believing it was not dangerous to be here. Suddenly the elevator door opened and I was able to run away.

    I don’t know what it means. I can’t interpret this dream. When I woke up I could not stop thinking about how my mother always wanted good for me. I called her and thanked her. She had no idea what happened haha.

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