Elevator in a Dream - Meaning
Dreams about elevators could signify various situations going on in your waking life. It could be either past or present. Elevators are common utilities that many people come across in everyday life. Yet, the psychological symbol of seeing them in dreams can be unsettling and disturbing.
Elevators are found in different locations, and when you see them in your dreams, the site is often interpreted as the issues you face in your life. When the elevator is in your work building, it signifies positive or negative issues you are facing at work or with your co-workers. If the elevator is located at home, it indicates problems about your family or home and the people you share your space.
The direction that the elevator is moving signifies the ebb and flow in your life. If the elevator is moving upwards, it means that you are progressing through your life and resolving problems with a positive outcome. If the elevator is moving downwards, it can indicate negativity. It means that you are falling back into your bad habits or recoiling back into your shell.
If the elevator is moving fast upwards or downwards, and it frightens you, it signifies that you are feeling imbalanced and out of control. Whether you are enjoying too much of a good thing or lacking positivity is your life, you feel like something is “off.” You might be facing a situation where you feel uncertain but helpless to change it.
But, if the elevator in your dream is ascending smoothly downwards, it resembles a stage in your life where you feel grounded, calm and in control. You are aware that you are safe and even if there are issues that needs attention, you will face it. The courage and determination that you feel manifest in your dreams as a smooth elevator ride no matter which direction you are going.
If you dream of being trapped or are stuck in an elevator, it resembles your feeling of being caught at work or home.  You feel trapped in a job that doesn’t satisfy you or by responsibilities for another person.
In a scary dream where the elevator is moving sideways, it signifies your feeling of being stagnant in your waking life. It represents unhappiness over your present situation, but you cannot change it.
If these dreams of elevators are repetitive, it could mean that they are significant issues that need your immediate attention for you to find peace at work or home.
Do you keep seeing people in the elevator with you no matter which direction you are going? it signifies that you are concerned about other people’s opinions. You have a competitive instinct that might not be very clear in your waking life, and your motivation is based on the view of others.
Dreams about elevators reveal quite a lot about the psychology of people. When you see them, pay attention to your surroundings and find ways to deal with them to put them to rest.