Emotional Manipulation Tactics That People Secretly Use Against You -

Toxic people like malignant narcissists, sociopaths, and others with antisocial behavior use manipulation in their relationships in order to exploit, hurt and demean their family members, intimate partners, and their friends. They make use of different tactics in order to deflect responsibility and also to distort the reality of their target victims. Although normal people also resort to this kind of behavior every once in a while, abusive narcissists make use of these to n extent that is excessive just so that they can escape accountability for things that they have done.


Gaslighting is a tactic of emotional manipulation which can be described in a variation of three words. “You are overreacting” “this didn’t happen” “are you nuts?” Gaslighting is an insidious tactic of manipulation, and toxic people love to use it because with it they can effectively erode and distort other people’s sense of reality. This will chip away at a person’s ability to trust themselves and consequently disables them from feeling justified for calling out on mistreatment and abuse.