Emotional Manipulation Tactics That People Secretly Use Against You - Page 2 of 3 -


Projection is a sure sign of toxic people. A person will use it if he or she is chronically not willing to accept their own shortcoming. They will do everything in their power to get away from being held accountable for their actions. Projection is a mechanism of defense where a person is constantly displacing the responsibility for their negative traits and behavior by attributing it to someone other than themselves. Ultimately, it is a method of digression for them where they can avoid accountability and ownership.


Having a conversation with a toxic person is characterized by epic mind fuckery rather than mindful conversation.

Sociopaths and malignant narcissists are always using circular conversations, word salad, gaslighting and projection in order to take you off track and disorient you should be you challenge or even disagree with them. They use these tactics to frustrate, confuse and discredit you, distracting your attention from the problem and then make you feel a sense of guilt simply for being a person with feelings and actual thoughts which differs from their line of thinking. To them, you stand in the way of their perfect, selfish world.



Not all of the malignant narcissists are intellectual masterminds. There are also a lot of intellectually lazy people. Instead of carefully trying to consider a perspective that is different from theirs, they will generalize everything or anything that comes out of your mouth. They will make blanket statements without acknowledging the different nuances of your argument. They will rather try to label you to dismiss your perspective altogether.