Dreaming About an Ex – Must-Read Meaning

Dreamin of an ex can bring the turmoil of emotions. No matter how hazy the dream was, it still leaves several questions behind. Why did it happen? Are you not over him or her? Is there a second chance for you two? This article will help you answer these questions.

It is impossible to interpret a dream with one perspective. There are multiple variables influencing the meaning. The accurate interpretation is possible by recalling as many details as possible. Then you can compare it to the different scenarios given below.

It is also crucial to consider how your relationship has ended. Were you the one wanted it? Did he/she leave you? Do you still love your ex? All of these details matter.

Esoteric Meaning Behind Dreaming of Ex

Scenario 1 – You Still Love Your Ex

If you still love your ex and dreamt of him in a dream, it means you can’t escape the feelings. The love is too strong and it will take some time for your brain to get over the past relationship.

Being in a relationship in a dream with ex – You are chasing the hope of getting back together. The good news is that according to esoteric knowledge, such a dream could be interpreted as an increased chance of it coming true. You need, however, to show interest and contact him or her. Otherwise, you could miss your chance. You should not seem desperate or too excited. Make sure the contact is neutral. Otherwise, you can ruin your chances.

Fighting with an ex – In this case, the dream means that you are accepting that the relationship has ended and want to move on. Your love towards him fades away and you find new interests in life. Perhaps you will soon find another special person.

Making love with an ex in a dream means that you miss being intimate with them. You are ready to move on emotionally but still experience physical lust.

Scenario 2 – You have no feelings towards your ex

If you don’t love your ex anymore and still saw him in a dream, it means your current relationship experiences problems. You compare your current on to the one that has ended. You subconsciously try to find patterns that led to a breakup. Your brain is careful and wants to make sure you won’t be left heartbroken one more time.

Dreaming of being in a relationship with an ex, in this case, means you lack something from him that can’t find currently in your life. Perhaps your new partner does not have some characteristics that you found interesting before.

If you saw your ex dying, it means that whatever old feelings you have for him, you should immediately try to get rid of them and must move on. An unrealistic expectation hinders your progress in life. If you continue living with false hopes, you will miss your chance to meet someone who will truly love you and be a perfect partner.

If an ex is ill in a dream, it can be interpreted as a sign of him wanting to continue having a relationship with you. Sickness symbolizes the feelings he has towards you. No matter how the relationship has ended, he can’t stop thinking about the good times you had together and regrets the outcome of breaking up.

Ex fighting your current partner is another common occurrence in dreams. It means that there is a conflict inside your head, and you can’t decide who can be a better partner. The relationship with an ex has ended, but there is still something that attracts you towards him or her even after starting a new one. My advice, in this case, would be to ask yourself what is something that your current partner lacks and how important these traits are for you

I also frequently get emails from our readers about dreams of exes showing up at their weddings unannounced. Sometimes the settings also involve them trying to ruin the ceremony. This mostly happens when people are about to get married. This shows that in your subconscious mind there is doubt and you think of a possibility of getting married to be a mistake.

How to act in real life afterwards

Past relationships leave significant marks on our brains. No matter if they were happy or unpleasant, they kept us emotionally committed and now it is difficult to forget what we felt back where we were still together with our exes. You had a dream and can’t stop thinking of it. It is natural, but before making an impulsive decision, you need to think hard. Avoid taking action while still under the influence of feelings. Think about why the relationship has ended and if it is worth reviving it. Perhaps they already moved on or maybe it is not in your interest to be in a relationship currently in life. Simply seeing an ex-partner in your dream is not good enough reason to try to reconnect with them right the way. If you do, however, avoid appearing desperate. Start casually and see where the conversation goes. Do not mention that you had a dream about him or her.


Q/A About Ex Dreams – By Dream Expert Jennifer Smith


A huge argument with my ex in a dream

Question: I had a dream where I was having a fight with my ex-husband. I don’t clearly remember how the argument has started, but the topic was having a baby. That’s something actually we never fought about. At the beginning of our relationship, we decided not to have any. We were together for around 5 years. The setting of a dream was a bit surreal. It was my living room, but things were really strangely aligned. I also was not wearing the clothes that I would typically wear. During the argument, he wanted to have a baby and I was against it. Although in reality, he was always the one who had this decision strictly made. For me, it was not necessarily a final decision and deep down I would not say no if it was not for him.

Answer: You were having an argument about sensitive and quite symbolic topics for a dream. Not having a baby was perhaps a mutual decision, but it still creates a different energy in a relationship when it is firmly set. The fact that he is your ex also creates a lot in your head that could cause such a dream. You may also be subconsciously thinking that you influenced his decision and it’s the reason why the relationship did not go well.

Dreaming of an Ex fighting my current partner

Question: I would love to get my dream interpreted. I saw my ex yesterday night in it. We had a good relationship but later figured out that things weren’t going well between us and got separated. Now I am about to get married to my current partner. He’s awesome and I am actually certain that it’s the right decision. In a dream, my ex suddenly appeared during the date with my partner and started fighting him. He was really weak, however, and could not properly stand after some time. My partner then kicked him and then he ran away. What does such a dream say about my current relationship?

Answer: It seems that you are ready to let your ex go and fully concentrate on your current relationship. It is understandable, however, that your ex still has an influence on your subconscious mind. Although it seems that this influence weakens. That’s why you had a dream where he was not strong and could not win the fight against your current partner.

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