Fish in a Dream – Meaning

Dreams about fish are surprisingly full of interesting and important meanings. The subconscious mind has a lot to say and with messages in a form of fish dreams, it offers us a good opportunity for self-exploration.

The article includes the general esoteric and cultural symbolism of fish and the psychological interpretation of dreams. It is difficult, and in most cases pointless, to go over a wide range of different types of fish. Although some fish, such as salmon or tuna carry relevant symbolism and I will cover it.

Fish symbolism

Feminine Power

Fish dream meaning based on esoteric symbolism

Dead fish in the house is a bad sign and indicates the upcoming unpleasant situations in life.

dead fish in the bathtub symbolizes health problems. Your mind is concerned about your health condition and worries you might be unhealthy.

dead fish rain symbolizes the chaos and unusual natural phenomena. Such dreams mean that you feel discomfort and want to change the environment.

eating a fish symbolizes the acceptance of changes. Your mind wants to move on and step into a new chapter of life.

golden fish is a symbol of good luck. Dreaming of one means that you will have a good fortune during the upcoming few months.

talking fish is a good sign and means you will spend lots of time exploring your inner self and put lots of effort into self-development.

fishing means you are trying too hard to be successful in life. Your mind is occupied with thoughts about the future and how your life will turn out. You should relax and try to live in the present. Being obsessed with success will cause you to miss important and memorable moments in life.

fish in the ocean means you seek order and comfort. Seeing a fish in its natural environment is an indicator of your orderly character.

flying fish is a sign of your desire to do extraordinary things in life. Although your mind seems to be doubtful about your capability.

Salmon in a dream is a sign of wealth and high confidence. Catching or eating one means that soon you will be facing highly lucrative situations.

Some dreams involve salmons getting eaten by bears. In this case, two different symbolism combine. Bear is a solitary animal, so eating salmon can be interpreted as achieving wealth and success without any help from others.

Tuna has more to do with the general simplicity of life. Your mind feels tired of being ambitious and feels pressured. It needs to have some time to relax and recover from the tedious tasks.

Seeing a shark has both positive and negative meanings, but in general, it symbolizes the sense of danger and being concerned about various aspects of life such as finances and relationships.

Psychology and Freudian analysis of a fish dream

While Freud believed that fish are associated with sexual urges, generally psychologists are careful with giving one meaning to any dream. Psychologically we connect fish to certain emotions. Although these emotions are heavily influenced by the culture and individual aspects of life. For example, if you were scared of fish when you were young, chances are they are still associated with unpleasant feelings. Thus, dreaming of them will be connected to events that made you afraid of them.

The people who live near the shore and have a high amount of seafood in their diet will more likely to see fish in their dreams. Determining the psychological reason behind the fish dream, therefore, is difficult.

Fish Dreams and Christianity

Because one of the miracles by Jesus involved feeding the poor with fish, the Christian symbolism assigns fish a positive meaning. It is a symbol of kindness and compassion. If you had a dream where you gave fish to less fortunate ones, it means you have strong Christian values and even subconsciously you think of helping others.

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