Flood in a Dream – Meaning

Seeing a flood in a dream carries both psychological and spiritual symbolism. From a simple annoying occurrence to a biblical event, flooding images tell something about our minds.

The symbolism of a flood

We should understand the meaning behind a flood before even start to think about interpreting a dream. Generally, it symbolizes danger, death, inconvenience, and chaos. It also means the new beginning and removing the attachment to the past. It is also important to understand what it means for you. Is there any event that connects you with it? Perhaps your apartment got flooded once and since then you have a fear. Perhaps you are a religious person, believing in the great flood. Both personal and general symbolism needs to be considered when seeking the interpretation of a dream.

Is it a good sign?

In most cases dreaming about a flood has a negative meaning. There is no good sign in seeing something that represents chaos and destruction. The only time it has a positive meaning if it symbolizes the new beginning. Keep reading to go through the specific scenarios.

Will there be a flood in real life?

It could happen, but it will be a coincidence if anything will get flooded after your dream. The important part is that dreams can be used to understand what your subconscious mind holds. They do not directly influence what will happen.

Meaning behind various scenarios

Your house gets flooded – Such a dream has a negative meaning. The house symbolizes your core values, the current state of being and the overall character. If the flooding occurs where you must feel the most comfortable, then there is something wrong with your self-perception. You feel scared because you are losing the hope of yourself. What is it that causes it? Do you have low confidence? Was there a major event that devalued your self-worth? Perhaps you did not achieve what you wanted, got fired or feel like your career is not going anywhere. You have to work on getting back the confidence.

If the streets are getting flooded outside and you feel safe at home, then the dream has a positive meaning. You feel comfortable at your current position in life and believe that the challenges won’t be able to disturb your peace.

The dream has a particularly negative meaning if you get drawn during the flood. It indicates the harmful thoughts gathering inside your head. You feel hopeless and believe that the future does not look good for you.

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