Dreaming of Flying – Interpreting The Real Meaning

Flying in a dream is a fun experience. Most of the times it causes positive feelings and often many dreamers feel annoyed when it ends. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy to be like a bird, moving through the sky? What does it mean, however, do dream of flying? How can it be interpreted? This article will help you determine it.
Flying Symbolism
It is a dream of humankind since the early times to be able to fly. Artists fantasized about it, various cultures created several mythical creatures based on it and some even claimed they were able to fly. It acquired heavy symbolic meanings and before analyzing flying dreams, it is crucial to define them:

New possibilities
New beginnings

Esoteric Meaning Behind Dreams About Flying

Flying without wings means you crave freedom, but you don’t have the capability to achieve it. There is a feeling of being trapped inside your mind. The subconscious mind picks it and translates into the imagery full of symbolism of being free. Being stuck usually is linked to various situations in life. It could be a job that makes you feel this way. Perhaps you are forced to work somewhere due to the financial situations and can’t find something better due to the schedule. It could also be caused by the unpleasant relationship where love has faded away and now you keep it because of some other reasons.

Flying with wings in a dream means that you recently have acquired or will acquire in the near future the new ability that will give you a chance to explore new possibilities in life. The ability can be a new perspective on life or achievement at work. It can be a single thought that makes you realize how good you are at something. It can be a course you will finish soon that will allow you to get a better job. Your mind feels happy about your current self-improvement progress and looks forward to the new opportunities.

Falling after you were able to fly in a dream means that you seek new beginnings in life, but has a fear of failure. You know that the next chapter of life has to start. You are ready for a promotion, a better life, better relationships, but are anxious about how you can handle it. Being afraid of failing will hinder your progress. If you will allow it to stop you from trying out new things in life, you won’t be able to achieve good things in life. Stop being afraid, improve your confidence and go for the things that you desire the most.

If you wanted to fly but could not do it while dreaming, it means that your ambitions are strong but unrealistic. You desire things that require patience and hard work. They won’t come easily in life. Flying, in this case, symbolizes something extraordinary in life – great wealth, an amazing relationship or good health. These things are not easy to achieve. Although they are not impossible either. The key is to be consistent and push yourself to improve every day.

If you jumped from somewhere hoping to fly and felt, such a dream can be interpreted as being blinded by the overconfidence. You overestimate your capabilities and believe you can do certain things. While in reality, you are not experienced or skilled enough. Ignoring reality and still trying to face challenges way difficult for you will set you up for failure. You must avoid fights you can’t win and try to better prepare yourself for them in the future.

Psychological Meaning of Flying

Psychoanalysis helps understand the dreams about flying. There are various theories about such dreams from famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud. The psychological approach, however, requires precision and a detailed description of a dream. It is important to know what else was happening there besides flying, how you felt, how the dream ended, etc.

If you often see yourself flying while dreaming, I recommend you start using the dream journal. Keep a notebook and a pen next to you and write down everything about your dream as soon as you wake up. Longer you wait, less you will remember, so it is crucial to do it fast. Once you have things written down, you can write down the comment below and I will help you understand the meaning behind your flying dreams.

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