Dreams of Getting Married – Meaning

Getting married in a dream has some very intriguing meanings. To interpret it, simply recall settings from your dream with as much detail as possible and then compare it to the meanings written below.

Marriage symbolism

Before starting to write about the meaning of a dream, it is important to highlight the cultural symbolism of getting married. This will help us understand how your mind could be perceiving it. The brain gets influenced by the information you gather from the society.

Positive symbolism:

  • Happiness
  • New beginning
  • Love
  • Creation of family
  • Unity

Negative Symbolism:

  • Too much responsibility
  • Forced marriage
  • Commitment while being unsure

The esoteric meaning behind dreams about getting married

It is such a personal thing, the dreams about it are strongly influenced by your current situation. I’m sure you agree as well that if a married person has such a dream is different from a guy who can’t find a partner. I will interpret various scenarios to make it easy to interpret your dream.

If you are in a good relationship and had a dream where you got married, it means you love your partner and things are going well. Your relationship is approaching the phase where creating a family is a logical next step. Your subconscious mind has no doubts about your partner.

If you are in a bad relationship, however, such a dream means that you are unsure what to do next. Getting married would mean a big commitment and your mind warns you that it could be a mistake.

If you are single, dreaming of it could be interpreted as you being afraid of staying alone forever. You feel lonely and need a relationship in your life. Because of this, you dream of a marriage as it is something that you associate with happiness and creating a family. 

If you are being forced to get married, you are experiencing a stressful situation currently in life. Understanding what causes stress and worrying is necessary for your mind to find peace. Once you detect the cause, you must try your best to remove it from your life. Otherwise, the continuous stress will cause your quality of life to diminish significantly.

Interpreting Wedding Settings

A wedding in a dream can tell a lot about the meaning behind your dreams of getting married. If the wedding is grandiose, it means you have big expectations in life and need to use all the time and resources you have to build up your future. It is especially true if during such a large wedding you were feeling happy and energetic. 

Poor, small wedding symbolizes the opposite. You feel demotivated and do not look forward to what will come next. It does not matter if you will get married or achieve something big with your career. Continuing with such an attitude won’t do any good to you. Thus, it is recommended to find the reason behind your lack of motivation in life. 

If you do not recognize anyone at your wedding, it means that on your path to success you lack your loved ones. There is nobody to share the special moments with and you feel bad about it. Why else would there be only strangers on one of the most memorable moments of your life? 

Attending a wedding does not necessarily mean that you are getting married. If you are attending somebody else’s wedding ceremony, it means you are going to get closer to that person. Perhaps you are already friends. Perhaps you barely know them. It means your relationship will get stronger. 

If you are attending the wedding of a stranger, it means that soon you will meet someone special. This meeting will start a great friendship that will last for a lifetime. 

If you are getting married and the wedding is ruined, it means that somebody will try to mess up the relationship with your partner in real life. It could be someone fond of you or somebody who loves your partner. Surprisingly, quite often such a person could be your family member. Mothers, for example, often dislike the future daughters or sons in law and try everything to cancel the wedding and end the relationship. 

If the wedding ceremony went successfully and everyone had a great time in a dream, it means that your upcoming success will be positively accepted by your friends and family members. They will share your happiness and help you achieve even more in life. Make sure you don’t exclude them when feeling overwhelmed by the great achievements. 

If you are attending a wedding and you are unhappy about them getting married, it shows the real-life envy dwelling inside your heart. You feel uncomfortable around them when they describe their achievements and feel bad for not being in the same situation. While it is a part of human nature, envy is harmful and only causes a bitter life. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

If your ex gets married in a dream, it means that they will be moving on soon and you should do the same. To be perfectly sure, try to reconnect with them and if you don’t see any interest coming towards you, then it is time to move on and find someone new. 

If you are getting married and your ex ruins the wedding, it means you still have feelings towards him. Your mind knows this well and shows you dreams where he comes in dramatically and takes you with him. 

If your parents ruin your wedding in a dream, then you think that they don’t approve of your partner and would be against you getting married. Ruining the wedding is not necessarily the direct translation of what could happen in real life. It is mostly about how you perceive your parents and what expectations you have of them. 


Q/A of dreams about getting married – by an expert Jennifer Smith


Arranged marriage

Question: I’m an American girl living in California. I had a dream where my family forced me to marry some guy. I’m mentioning my background because there’s no way in real life my family or anyone I know around me would go for an arranged marriage. Especially if it’s forced. So, everybody was for it in a dream. They were bullying me, threatening to outcast me if I wouldn’t accept this person as my husband. Eventually, I decided that they were right and agreed to do it. That’s how I got married in my dream to a stranger. The ceremony was even more ridiculous. He was wearing a wasp costume and I was dressed like a bunny. Can you help me, Jennifer, to understand the meaning behind it? Do I have issues with my family that I’m not even aware of?

Answer: Being forced by your family to marry someone is a message from your subconscious mind that there are things you dislike about them. It could be something minimal such as different political views or different views on life. What is important to highlight here is that you agreed to get married. This indicates how influential your family members could be on your mind and decisions. The costumes are also quite symbolic. One is a predator and another is a harmless creature that often ends up being prey.

Married and getting divorced

Question: So, there was this crazy dream I had yesterday (this morning to be exact). I’ve met this wonderful woman near my house while walking with my dog. We got married after having a conversation. I fell in love during our first meeting and I was like “hey, you want to get married?” and she said yes! So we went to the church and the priest was this insanely muscular guy with two tigers as pets. As soon as we got married that woman (now my wife), told me that she isn’t happy with me and I’ve changed after she first met me. I did not protest it or anything. I simply told her that things happen and people change and we got divorced right there. I need to hear your opinion on this one. Isn’t that a crazy dream?

Answer: Everything happened really fast in the dream. You went from walking to your dog to getting divorced in a matter of hours. Your mind may be trying to warn you that currently you are pushing things too hard and unnecessarily rushing. It did not work out in a dream and could happen in real life as well. You should be careful with being spontaneous and need to think logically before making any important life decisions.

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