Having a Rotten Teeth in Dreams – What Does it Mean?

Your teeth are the most prominent features of your face. It gives you confidence, helps you communicate better with others and maintain a healthy life. They are also an indication of personal hygiene and habits. So dreaming of rotten teeth is an indication of the deterioration of all of these factors.

Dreams of rotten teeth are most common, and it often comes with a negative annotation.

One of the most prevalent dreams of rotten teeth is losing them. Whether the teeth fell out on their own or someone is pulling them out, it is an indication that you need to move on with your life. When you hold on to something that is no longer beneficial for you or is harming your confidence and self-esteem, you need to let it go. But since you cannot let go of this negativity on your own, the feeling is manifested in your psyche and to your dreams in the form of rotten teeth.

You need to evaluate your situation and the people around you. You might have sensed that there is something not worth holding on to, or fighting for. According to many old wives’ tales, the falling off of rotten teeth is an indication of death, but science has a more relevant explanation.

Rotten teeth dreams are indications of significant changes in one’s life. The anxious feeling of delving into a new stage of life with or without the things that you are comfortable with is often challenging and therefore causes uncertainty. You are afraid that the future will degrade your present status or you are worried that your life will fall into pieces.

Dreaming of rotten teeth indicates a negative approach towards the future. If you feel that the future is unhealthy or insecure, that feeling is often shown in dreams of rotten teeth.

If you dream of rotten teeth, it also means that you have lost or you feel like you are going to lose something significant in your life. This mishap could shatter confidence and threaten your energy, and you are not ready to face it.

Despite the numerous negative interpretations of rotten teeth in dreams, it should be noted that dreams have several meanings for different people. In this context, if you are apprehensive of your future, take the vision as a warning to take up positive changes.

Teeth are indicators of health so if you see rotten dreams in your health, interpret it as a sign to take better care of your health and start avoiding food that could ruin your teeth.

As indicators of confidence, rotten teeth dreams indicate your psyche too. When you feel like you are going through an embarrassing situation in life, you might find yourself seeing recurring dreams of rotten teeth.

At such times, it is best to take extra care of your belongings, ask for emotional support if you feel too weak to handle things on your own. It also helps to open up to someone else about issues that you are managing or expecting so that you will continue to have your self-esteem intact before everything crumbles beyond repair.