How To Deal With a Manipulative Family Members - Guide

Isn’t it the worst when your own family members possess manipulative traits? It affects you in the most negative way possible. After all, they are the first people you approach to when facing any difficulties. The slightest of any problem related to your family affects every aspect of your life. It affects you mentally, and that is the worst that anyone can feel.

The manipulative characteristic can result due to a vast number of reasons. The most common being anger, a strong feeling of resentment (for whatever reason) that forces them to not take a liking to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong; manipulative people do not seek any positive result from their behaviors. For them, they are always on the right side, and you on the other side.


Of all the people, dealing with a manipulative family member is always the worst and the hardest. It is too hard not to take all their criticism into your heart. It creates a sense of helplessness and emptiness when your own loved ones put you down and demean everything you do. The mental pressure that you go through is unlike anything.

It is, however, vital to know that there are effective ways in which you can deal with manipulative family members. If you just sit there and take everything they say about you, all your dreams and expectations will just crumble in front of your own eyes.

  • Do not let their actions or criticisms define you –

If you keep listening to a manipulative family member and keep taking all that seriously, you are just putting yourself down for no reason. You must realize that manipulative people do not interest themselves with positive outcomes. For them, it’s all about speaking their mind out without having the slightest of concern for the other person. Would you go up to a small kid and start scolding him/her just because he/she missed to catch a ball? Obviously, anyone will have the decency to sit down with them and talk to them properly, maybe encourage them, even. If that kid takes that scolding seriously and shies away from ever playing with other people, they may never grow up to be sociable or even develop friends. That is the kind of negative effect that manipulative criticism can play in our life.

It is of no use taking everything that your manipulative family members say about you. Let them say what they want or think what they want; you must not let all that doubt yourself or your capabilities. If you do, there is no way you will ever be able to deal with them.