How To Have a Great Character With a Melancholic Personality

A great personality will always compliment your character. The way that people in civilised society perceive one another is not fame or money as many people in today’s generation think. It’s rather the most opposite thing that has got no relation with either money or fame; it’s a person’s character and the set of personality trait that one possess. No amount of popularity or money can buy you “good character,” it’s something that is developed within a person out of humility and most importantly out of love.

A great person once said, “some people are so poor, all they have is money.” That perfectly defines our present scenario where money and fame are given as priority over good personality. You can accept people and choose to respect them depending on their bank balance, but in the end, it always comes down to his/her character. With money, maybe the respect will last for a month or a year or even more, but it’s never permanent. After all, we are all but Humans, and at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how beautiful of a person you are.


Our personality is something that is developed naturally, and it is almost impossible to force someone to change their personality. However, any logical person will always learn the positive benefits of possessing a melancholic personality and develop them eventually. It is something that is nurtured from a young age so that they can develop all that positive attributes naturally.

The most important aspect of acquiring a melancholic personality is the fact that it gives a great sense of satisfaction as a human being and ultimately results in a happy life. Here are some examples of how you can develop a great character with a desirable and humble personality.

  • Selfless

This is something that is quickly becoming an alienated word. People are just too busy in their own world and working too hard trying to be successful. There is literally no time for others, let alone think about how they can help other people. The world is rapidly becoming a shallow place. Social media gave us a platform to make our world a smaller place by connecting all different people and bringing them closer, but in the same time, it has separated those people who are closer to each other. Ironic isn’t it? We don’t have a second to spare to sit down with our loved ones or a stranger and ask them what their problems are. We are earning in terms of thousands, but we feel too reluctant to help out someone who needs some few bucks to meet their needs. A good character will always involve selflessness because it comes from a place where you keep others before yourself.