How To Manipulate a Control Freak - Guide

How frustrating is it to be around someone who is a control freak? There is absolutely nothing more annoying than to be stuck with someone who turns out to be a control freak. The constant interventions with our daily tasks and told not to do almost everything we have been doing or the fact that we are told not do the way we do things.

It’s like they are playing GOD with you, where they sit back and try to control every aspect of your life and constantly interferes with everything around you.  It can occur in your relationship or in a working environment. It can even occur in among friends; the fact is Control freaks don’t restrict themselves to a particular area. In most cases, you realize too late that your friend or boss is control freak and by the time you do, your life has already been entangled in it.

It seems too hard to rid of someone who turns out to be a control freak, let alone try to manipulate them. But there will always be a solution to everything other than simply “Getting Rid” of them (as in getting them off your back, not what you are thinking). After all, even control freaks are humans, and the one common thing about us, Humans is that we are all manipulative in one way or the other.

Every person, even control freaks can be manipulated. But you need to keep in mind that the key to executing the “manipulate the freak” thingy depends on you entirely. Unless a “manipulate the control freak” service comes out soon in the near future, you have to do it yourself.

The below steps are in no way a secret “Mantra” to fix your problem in a jiffy. It’s just a set of instructions that you need to execute perfectly if you want to manipulate a “control freak.”