How To Manipulate Women

So, you can’t wait to learn how to manipulate women? Then this article is the right one for you. Manipulating a woman is a tricky thing which cannot be easily done, but we’ll try our best to give you a few secrets.

First of all, every man should understand what women want, what are their desires and likings. Then follow certain ways to manipulate them to use them for their own advantage. The way you approach and your behavior with her is very important. Do invest your entire time to understand her nature and you must follow right tactics to impress her.

Golden Secrets – Ways To Manipulate Women

There are a lot of men out there who want to impress a girl but they simply can’t. Don’t worry it’s not so difficult to anatomize her mind. Just you need to focus on your manipulative skills.

• If you like a woman who may be your neighbor, your office colleague or someone whom you met on other places but you don’t have the audacity to talk with her. In such a case, you should bring some courage and try to talk to that woman.

• Start talking with her but in a casual way. You should not ask any personal question to her. You can ask many questions and it should be related to like; her hobby, family members, favorite film, hero, food and her favorite holiday destination. Try to know each and every detail of her nature. Her likings and disliking’s and what she loves to do in her free time. Do make a good bond with her.

• Don’t just keep on talking, first you should listen to what she is saying. You should show some interest when she speaks something. Don’t just make her feel boring and never try to ignore her. Don’t just keep silent or mute, if she asked any questions do reply her back.

• To make a good conversation, sometimes do crack jokes and make her laugh. Women’s generally like those men who have a good sense of humor. Create a friendly environment and do provide some surprises as every woman love chocolates and gifts.

• If she discusses with you about her past relations or about any other man she loves. Then don’t be panic, keep calm. Don’t just over-react. If she wanted to share with you then let her speak. Don’t just pinpoints, she is comfortable with you so that’s the reason she is sharing her personal things with you. Don’t judge her quickly.

• Almost every woman love when men appreciate their beauty. Give a compliment when they look good. You should praise her beauty like; you have very beautiful eyes, your smile will kill anyone. If she wears any beautiful dress, do acclaim her. Adore her very much so that they don’t feel that you are ignoring her.

• Sometimes you should ask her for a movie and also do visit certain amazing places with her. You can go with her to some good places such as park, restaurants or resort and try to spend good quality time with her.

• Do support her in her bad situations. Never leave her alone in her serious and drastic condition. It’s not easy to chill in a worse situation. Because our mind remains so disturbed that we can’t focus on any work. So in this kind of tough situation just be with her. Give her proper attention and don’t leave her hand.

• Another most important thing is that never forget any important dates which are related to her. Do remember her birthday dates or any other special dates. If you don’t wish on her birthday, it may hurt her. Make her every day special so that she loves to spend her time with you.

• Every woman wants a man who has certain qualities such as; a person who is talented, intelligent and the person who take responsibilities on his shoulder. Those men who are always ready to take a risk and have the capability to maintain the situations. It is a dream of every woman that a man should protect her and respect her and care her whenever she needs. So try being that man she is looking for.

• Never talk with any girl in a high volume or shout on her face. Learn certain courtesy how to talk with a woman. She will feel embarrassed if you talk with her in a sky-high volume. Behave like a gentleman, don’t just show attitude and maintain a polite nature.

• Sometimes if she doesn’t want to talk then don’t push her to speak, maybe she is not in a good mood to talk with you. Have patience and try to understand why she is upset or why she is not in a good mood. Do notice how she act or behave, when she blushes and when she feels sad. You just need to identify those things to understand her in a better way.

• If she talks with you nicely, don’t think that she loves you or if she behaves in a very bad way don’t think that she dislikes you. Don’t be over smart and never jump to the conclusion so fast. Just think and react. Give her some time and space.

All these manipulation tactics will help you in some way or the other. Nowadays, women are not so dumb. They are definitely searching for those partners who have special skills and knowledge and have the potential to do something in their life. So just try to build up yourself in such a way that they will never disappoint with you. It’s your duty to make her feel happy. Try to polish or improve your personality and your way of talking etc. It’s all depends upon you only how you respond and behave. All the facts that are provided in this article will definitely help you to understand women in a better way. So for those men who wanted to know how to manipulate women then this article is for you only.

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