How To Read a Face of a Lying Person - Catching Liars Quickly

Wouldn’t it be much easier if our lives were a movie? Pinocchio to be precise. We wouldn’t have to worry about people lying straight to our face so casually. Their nose would just grow everytime they lied, but with that mechanism, we all would probably have very long noses, because let’s face it, we all lie. It’s just a matter of how severe the lie is and how it affects other people around us. Body language can be a great giveaway of lying, but today we will specifically focus on the face.

 But that is the sad reality and the difference between a fictional movie and the actual life. Our noses aren’t designed to function that way. Maybe even some superpowers to detect if someone is lying to us, but in the long run, that may prove to be more harmful than good. The word secret will literally cease to exist.

But the fact is, we don’t need any superpowers to determine when people are lying to us. It’s called the power of observations, and fortunately, we all have that. It’s not like some kind of mantra that quickly lets you identify when someone is lying. Remember the keyword is “Observation” and that means you have to keep a close eye on all the body and in this case, face language of the person whom you suspect may be lying to you.

  • They talk in excess

Usually, when you talk to a normal person, they will answer you back Yes or No. If the situation is different, you may even end up talking for hours, but it is different when it comes to a lying person. They feel the need to provide too much information to make sure they don’t get caught. Even the simplest topic or a question will provoke them to talk excessively in order to support their lies. This way, you know they are overcompensating to cover up something that they don’t want you to know.