How To Read a Face of a Lying Person - Catching Liars Quickly - Page 2 of 3
  • Pursed Lips

It is a proven fact that a person who is lying will experience a dry mouth. The biological reasoning and explanation is not important. The important thing is that the lying person will obviously try to compensate for the dry mouth by using his/her lips. If a person does this repeatedly over a period of time while having a conversation, it is your hint to understand that they may be lying to you.

Apart from compensating the dry mouth, a lying person will also experience tight lips, hence, preventing them from talking in a normal tone and also appear pinched and white.

  • Restless eye motion

If a person is trying to avoid your questions and you notice their eyes darting back and forth, it most assuredly means that they are trying to hide something from you. Also, even if they answer your questions, but the eye motion remains restless, it is a sign of discomfort and restlessness. This usually means they are lying and do not feel comfortable with the conversation.

  • Looking up to the right side

When you ask a right-handed person any question, they are supposed to look up to their left in order to recollect any memories or incident. This is a minor yet a very crucial body language that can determine if a person is telling the truth or lying. It is a biological fact that a right-handed person will look up to the left side for remembering any true event, but if they look up to their right-side, it means they are trying to create new information or using their imaginations. This in simple terms means that they are lying.

The opposite effect is true for left-handed people.