How To Read a Face of a Lying Person - Catching Liars Quickly - Page 3 of 3
  • Rapid blinking

Lying most commonly results to a person blinking excessively. This is primarily because when a person is lying, a compound called dopamine is released in their body, that ultimately results to the blinking action becoming more frequent.

A normal person has a limit of 5 – 6 blinks in a minute or once in every 10 – 20 seconds. Any blinking action beyond this limit is usually a hint that someone is lying.

  • Closing their eyes for a long period of time

Also, a person who closes his/her eyes for more than one second at a time is also an indication that they are lying to you. Usually, when people feel uncomfortable talking about a specific incident or situation, they tend to close their eyes for more than normal time. This can be understood as a sign of defense mechanism by their body to avoid getting caught.