How To Sleep Better – 8 Ways To Fight Insomnia And Fall Asleep Fast

There are three kinds of insomnia: difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep with frequent awakenings and early awakening. Anyone who suffers from insomnia is generally physically unwell in the first place. Their body does not provide the central nervous system everything it needs: food, oxygen, release of toxins. And in this regard, the nervous system is unable to cope with one of the most important functions: regulation of sleep.

Before using medication you should try the methods to help sleep listed below:

Affirmations to protect sleep

Those who are haunted by negative emotions:  resentment, jealousy, fear and other negative feelings, must try to find a compromise, learn to negotiate with the bad feelings, and it becomes easier to fall asleep. Go to a therapist, meditate and find affirmations for a sound sleep.

Sounds of nature 

In the bedroom include soft music. For example, classical works, or the sounds of nature, intended for meditation and relaxation. This music is really good addition to the process of falling asleep, but only resorting to this method sometimes cannot give you good results. Do this if you feel very comfortable with it.


Seasonings and spices

A balanced diet helps to sleep on time, but do not underestimate the effect of spices. Among the most desirable spices are ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel and cardamom. Add these seasonings in food and drinks when cooking dinner, maybe they can get rid of your worst enemy!

Reading boring literature

It has long been noted that reading uninteresting, boring and incomprehensible material promotes falling asleep at any time, not just at night. Therefore, if you suffer from insomnia, lay on the bedside and start reading anything that bores you well enough.

Colors and stones

Add the interior with warm and soft shades. Try to get into clothes and linens covered in green, yellow, light green and orange hues. Lying down in bed, you can close your eyes and imagine the aforementioned colors.

Amethyst stones can help as well as golden colored. If you suffer from insomnia, use the stones and metals such as during the day and night. Wear golden rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings with amethyst, and go to sleep with them as well.

Healing scents

Most suitable smells are basil, jasmine and rose geranium. Jasmine or basil as well as geranium with cloves, fresh or dried, can be hung near the bed.Try to fight insomnia with aromatherapy, especially if you feel that the flavors soothe you.

Turn off time

Remove any type of clock from the bedroom. Make sure that you do not look at time, when lying in bed. If you have a habit of constantly checking the mobile phone with the aim to know the exact time, always turn it off when you go to bed.

Bedroom is only for sleep

Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex. Not to work, study, watch TV and use a laptop in bed. It is necessary both for the subconscious to associate the bedroom only with rest. This helps your brain and body to receive a steady signal that it’s time to sleep when you go to bed.

If you cannot sleep, get out of bed. Do not try to “force” yourself to sleep. When you toss and turn for hours, anxiety only intensifies. Better get up, leave the bedroom and do something relaxing, drink a cup of milk, take a bath. Then back to bed when you want to sleep very much.

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