How To Spot A Liar – 5 Ways To Tell Someone is Lying

Lying person - How To Spot a Liar

Numerous researches show that everyone lies or is capable of lying. We even wrote article long ago about using body signs to tell if someone is lying to you. Some people are fond of lying. Others feel guilty whenever they lie. While there are people who can get away with lying, experts say that there are various ways on how to spot a liar. If you are interested to know what are these, read on to find out more.

1. Inconsistent details often reveal a liar
if you suspect someone is not telling you the truth, the details of his or her stories will help you confirm your suspicion. A person who knows and speaks of the truth can tell you scenarios and details that are consistent. And if you ask him or her again the next time about it, he or she can always tell you again the same details in order. If a thing or situation really happened, the person is able to recall the sequence of events. On the other hand, if a story was fabricated, the person telling it might find it hard to remember what he or she has said the first time. When asked again with the same question, it would be a bit difficult for them to tell consistent details.

2. The eyes say a lot about lying person
Sometimes, you don’t need to hear the words just to tell if a person is lying. The eye movement of a person may reveal his or her guilt. The eyes are powerful enough to show you the truth. If you look into the eyes of the person, whom you suspect is a liar, you will be able to tell whether your theory is correct or not. According to experts, a person who deceives cannot look directly into the eyes of the other person. The guilt feelings they have might be revealed through their eyes. The next time you think a friend or a relative is not telling you the truth, notice their eyes and if they are confident enough to have an eye-to-eye conversation with you.

3. Watch the body language 
People who lie are sometimes caught through their body language. In order to conceal their guilt and appear less noticeable by the people interrogating them, they tend to hide their hands and fingers. Also, they have the tendency to be squirmy. Other liars often shrug they shoulders when asked about the truth. Do not underestimate a person’s body language because it is the reflection of their thoughts and feelings. So if you suspect that the person in front of you is not telling the truth, be conscious of how they behave and move their body parts.

4. Notice how they talk
If you really want to figure out if the person you are with is a liar, listen to how they talk and compose their sentences. Research shows that a person who is lying will either raise or lower the tone of their voice. If they raise their tone, they are being defensive. If they lower the tone of their voice, it could be a result of trying to conceal their current emotions. On the other hand, if he or she talks faster than usual, this could signify that he or she is lying. Meanwhile, some liars talk slower when confronted in order to conceal their guilt. This particular method of spotting a liar is more effective if you personally know the person in question because you are already familiar with their tone and cadence of speech.

5. Changing the topic
If you confront a liar, chances are, they will do their best to move on to the next topic. This means he or she will try to change the topic so that you will forget about the problem. If you tend to bring back the topic, they become uneasy. This is because they feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Now that you already know different methods on how to spot a liar, it will be easier for you to determine whether someone is lying or telling you the truth. Even though there are people who are considered as “good liars,” your instinct can be your best weapon. If you have a gut feeling that someone is just fabricating stories or giving wrong information, then you are probably right. Remember the ones mentioned above and use them as your guide to spot a deceiver.