How To Stop Being a Narcissist

Being a narcissist is a curse that dramatically affects lives. Do you think you have a narcissistic personality and want to stop being a narcissist? That is great because accepting that you have a problem is one of the biggest steps towards the change.

Why Would You Want To Stop Being a Narcissist

Being a person that greatly lacks empathy and consistently cheats, lies, deceives, betrays, and engages physical mistreatment on other people, including their loved ones, is definitely a terrible thing. The best choice you can make is to leave that person behind and become a new, better one without narcissism. People that have narcissistic personality can destroy lives, and can still look unmoved or indifferent by the damage that they have caused.

But if you are a person that is dedicated to change himself by any means possible, then you should seriously need to do so. And if you have a friend or family that is willing to help you out, you should probably accept it.

5 Ways to Stop Being A Narcissist

Here is the first thing that you should do as your first step to stop being a narcissist, you should hear out and be open about your behavior. Ask those people that are close to you to hear what they have to say about your personality.

This may trigger you to hate your friends or family members, and even panic, but do remember that those people who are willing to help love you and are rooting for your own success. Aside from accepting the truth about yourself, there are also other ways that you can do to change the narcissistic side of yours.

1. Be Mindful of Others

This goes without consideration. Being mindful of others will require you to think before acting it out. Minding other people will allow you to be considerate and thoughtful of them. In this case, you should try putting yourself in the shoes of another person. Always think of considering others feelings and thoughts, It should not be all the time, but at least observe being considerate.

Being a mindful person will let you think about how the words or actions that you do or say, would feel if it were done unto you. Practice treating other people like the way on how you want to be treated.

2. Be Thankful

Being narcissistic isn’t grateful for anything they do think that everyone owes them everything. They believe that the world revolves around them and that whatever comes in their way is always justified and they are entitled to it. This will then lead to ungratefulness and arrogance.

If someone has done something nice to you, make an effort to say “thank you”, and make sure that you truly mean it. It may be hard for you to learn how to be grateful, but this would be the key to overcoming your nasty personality. Saying thank you to everyone also gives you’re a better feeling! Try it…

3. Stop Degrading People And Calling Them Names

Degrading people and calling them names is one of the ways that narcissist do to make themselves feel better. And this practice should really stop by now, not only it is senseless and childish it will only degrade you instead of lift you up.

So, if you really want to change yourself to be a better person, you should break belittling and degrading people just so you could feel better. Remember, be mindful of others and treat them the way you want to be treated.

4. Stop Hating Everything

Narcissistic people are envious in the highest degree. They often try to get things that are much greater than the other person has just to make them envy.

Remember that life isn’t all about competition. Stop hating those people that has something better than you have. Just let them have something without being envious and trying to take it away from them by any means possible. There will always be something meant for each and every one of us, that’s why everyone is gifted in their own ways and unique to the other person.

5. Stop Thinking that Money is the Only Thing That Can Make You Happy

What if you don’t have money, then what can be the alternative thing that can also make you happy? Man-made things don’t make you happy, it’s the memories and the company of the people that are close to you does. And things like money doesn’t make you, but the people around you do.

You should realize that all that matters in this world are the memories you hold, and the love of the closest people that you know. If you don’t, you will never be able to stop or change your narcissistic ways. So try to put this into your mind and act now, the time is just about right.

Final Thoughts:

It can be quite a reflective process to change the person from their toxic personality. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have some compassion and empathy for things and people, while also letting go or changing the behavior that you’ve got used to. If you don’t dedicate to change yourself effectively, you’ll be eventually get abandoned by the people around you, including your friends and family. Something you should think about as being alone is simply the same as being dead. Hope this article would help you change your ways and mind and be a happier you.

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