How To Tell if a Shy Girl Likes You

We all know them – shy girls and boys. They are not easy to read when it comes to an understanding if they like you or not. Perhaps they are simply too shy or haven’t read our guide yet on how to tell someone you like them.  Whatever the reason is, it can be quite difficult and frustrating process but don’t give up yet. We have prepared a guide on how to tell if a shy girl likes you or not.
Getting to know if a shy girl likes you can be quite confusing. Yet, if you pay close attention, you will be able to notice some signs and giveaways. Sounds cool, right? Now you can finally solve this romantic puzzle.
1. You find her looking at you all the time: Catching someone looking at you a couple of times is completely normal. So, what does it mean if you see a shy girl frequently looking at you whenever you are in the same room or proximity to each other? There is no denying the fact that we like to see things we like over and over again to keep them in our memory and recall them in our minds. So, if you are having frequent eye contacts with the shy girl or if you catch her looking at you often, then there is a high chance of that shy girl liking you.
2. She makes up excuses to be near you: It is no secret that we like to be near the ones we like and enjoy their company without giving a second thought. When you are in your office, in school or your college which tend to be crowded and full of people, it can be difficult to know if someone is trying to come close to you. But, if you pay close attention to the people who surround you can easily find out the ones who always seem to present by your side. Shy girls often don’t make the first move, and as such, they will hang around you in hopes of you making the first move making it a strong indicator that she likes you.
3. She likes talking to you and opens up to you: You will come across people who are open and will always engage in a conversation with you, and this is not an uncommon sight. However, Shy girls often are not outgoing, and it can be hard to engage in a conversation with them. However, if you find a shy girl who is more than willing to talk to you and engages in long discussions with you, then this is a big sign that she is comfortable and enjoys your presence. And also if she opens up to you freely which is a rarity amongst shy persons, this is another strong sign that the shy girl might be interested in you.
4. She looks her best when you are around: This is not only the case with shy girls, however, goes for all types of persons, and as such is no secret that we try to look our best if we wish to impress someone to make them notice us. As such if you come across a shy girl who always looks her best or tries to accentuate her looks when you are around, then this is a telltale sign that she is into you. They will often take extra effort and go the extra mile to make themselves look better, to attract you and make an impression upon you.
5. You find her complimenting you a lot: One of the clearest and strongest signs which indicated that a shy woman likes you is if she keeps complimenting you at all times. Shy girls normally will not open up and talk to people, let alone compliment them. Therefore if you find a shy girl complimenting you always for even the smallest of things, this goes to show that she is coming out of her comfort zone to make you feel good. As such, if you find yourself receiving an unhealthy amount of compliments frequently from a shy girl, the chances are that she is interested in you and wants to take things further.
6. You find her making accidental physical contact with you: If you find a shy girl making accidental physical contact with you in many instances, then her actions might not necessarily be random. Women often use the sense of touch as a tool to let the men know that they are into them or that they like them. And there is no denying the fact that Action speaks louder than words, as such the next time you find a shy girl making any physical contact with you, while you cross paths or during conversations, more often than not is an indicator that the shy girl likes you.
7. She changes her voice and body language when you are near her: Another way of knowing whether a shy girl likes you is, by observing her body language and overall behavior when you are near her. What happens is that our body language often changes a lot when we are near someone we admire or like. For women, her tone of voice will become much higher, she might blush, and she might even act childish, innocent and feminine to make herself more appealing.
8. You exchange a lot of texts on social media or through messaging applications: A shy girl might find it uncomfortable and unnatural to talk directly to a person she likes, however on the flipside, she might be comfortable through chatting and texting. As a result, if you find a shy girl sending you the first texts in a conversation frequently, asking you lots of questions about yourself and also shows signs of flirting with you, then this might be a huge indicator that she might be more than interested in you. Another sign is that she might also follow all your updates on social media and like all your posts as well.
These are some of the best signs which you can look out for in a shy girl, and you can use them to determine whether a shy girl likes you. If yes, great for you! if not, then perhaps you should read our article about why people might not like you. Thanks for reading. 

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