How To Tell if Your Friend Likes You

Sometimes there is more to a friendship for one of your friends and things can get messy. Not knowing about it can be bad and it is always better for both sides to be clear about the situation. However, not everyone is open about their feelings and that is why it is important to know how to tell if your friend likes you. We briefly covered about signs somebody likes you or hates you before, but today we want to write specifically about friends and how to tell if they like you. We all have friends that always stick with us no matter what and this is a common trait in friendship. However, there might be a friend who goes the extra mile and sometimes it might leave you wondering and in a state of confusion. Does that mean your friend likes you and is attracted to you? Or is your friend’s action purely out of friendship? Thoughts like this might creep into your mind. However, friends’ falling for one another is not an uncommon thing, and they can certainly happen.

So how do you tell if your friend likes you? Are there any ways or signs to tell? Fortunately, there are some signs which can be observed by which you will be able to tell if your friend likes you and they are as follows:

1. Your Friend is always available for you: Is your friend available for you at all times, without fail? Do you never find your friend saying “no” when you make plans? Then this might be the biggest pointer that your friend likes you. Though friends always stick together and help each other out, there are times when other priorities such as family, studies or work tend to come first, and this is very normal. However, despite all these priorities if a friend leaves all these behinds and always sticks with you and never says NO when you come calling, then this might be a strong indicator that your friend likes you. This is because it is not easy to sacrifice one’s priorities, to be with a friend. As such this type of behavior is one of the first and most essential indicators showing that your friend likes you.

2. Your Friend makes a lot of eye contact with you: We love to look at what we like and avoid looking at things we dislike, and this is normal human behavior. Making eye-contact with friends while talking and performing other activities is completely normal. However, there are times when you might find a friend making eye contact frequently and for extended periods of time, which in many cases is a telltale sign that that friend might be interested in you. However, some individuals normally tend to make more eye contact than usual; as such you can rule out the possibility by observing the individual and how he makes eye contact with other friends. However, if you find out that they are looking at you more frequently than anyone else than this might be a big confirmation that your friend is falling for you.

3. Your Friend will always pay full attention whenever you are speaking: It is normal for us to lose attention and get distracted whenever a friend is speaking or trying to tell us something. Most of us normally tend to fiddle with our phones, start dreaming and get bored and this is very normal. However, if you find your friend always paying full attention, remembers all the details of your talk and hang on to your every word, your friend might be a good listener; however, there are high chances that your friend likes you. This is because it is not easy to pay full attention to a person at all times and it requires a lot of effort to do so. So the next time you catch your friend paying full attention at what you are saying, chances are that your friend is attracted to you.

4. Your Friend always compliments you: Compliments are hard to come by in this day and age, and when you get compliments they are usually for something which you have done. As such you might get compliments in the office for doing something good, or get compliments from your friends and family members for an achievement, etc. However, if you happen to have a friend who compliments you frequently and personally, such as complimenting about your personality, your physical appearance, and who you are as a person, then this might be a strong signal that your friend likes you. This is because an individual who likes you and finds you attractive will always place the focus on you and will try to find the good in you always. Therefore, if you find a friend who compliments you at all times, then your friend might be in love with you.

5. Your friend always finds excuses to make physical contact with you: Does your friend frequently make excuses to make physical contact with you at all times? If so then, this is another indication that your friend likes you. Physical contact such as lightly touching your arm, grazing your arm and even adjusting your clothing for you is a huge indicator that your friend might be into you. This is because touch is a very big part of romantic interest and this can be observed with couples who are in a relationship with one another. As such, if you find your friend always trying to make some physical contact with you, then your friend might be just more than a friend.

6. Your friend’s behavior around you: The Body Language also plays a very big role in understanding whether a person likes you or not. There are a lot of clues that a body language can send out, and some of the signs to watch out for are leaning in, which indicates that your friend wants to be close with you and wishes to give you attention. Blushing, which is the reddening of one’s face which happens when you are near someone you like. Mirroring, which means the person is trying to copy your every action as a sign of showing interest. Preening which is the act of grooming oneself such as touching his/her face, hair, clothes, etc. to make oneself more appealing and attractive. These are some of the basic body languages which you can observe to tell if your friend likes you.

These are some of the signs to tell if your friend likes you. If your friend indeed likes you, you should communicate openly with each other and sort things out in a mature, calm and composes manner without rushing into conclusions. If you are wondering specifically about a guy friend, read this article. It will help you to deal with your situation even more.

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