How To Tell Someone You Like or Love Them

Last time we discussed¬†how to tell if someone¬†loves or likes you. Now it is time to write about the opposite scenario – revealing your feelings to your crush. The biggest struggle of liking someone who has not shown you the same feelings is deciding when and how to tell them how you feel. The reason this is such a challenging issue is because you don’t want to cross that line and find out the other person does not share your feelings. Not only is the fear of rejection looming overhead, but you run the risk of ending a friendship by driving a wedge between the two of you.

Here are five simple ways to tell someone you like or love them that are painless and will help you uncover exactly how they feel.

The least painful approach is often the most effective, but you have to use caution here. Finding a mutual friend who you can share your secret with and who could help make this connection is crucial. Simply ask your close friend to drop a hint with the person you like, basically saying that they think you like this person. If that person is surprised and shares the same feelings, your friend will tell you and the door is open.

One of the easiest ways to tell someone you like them is to simply flirt with them. Instead of small talk, start flirting and see if they flirt back. If they respond in a similar manner, keep pushing the envelope until you let the cat out of the bag. They might think you are just messing around with them, so take your next step based on whether you think they are are receptive or not.

An easy way to tell someone you like them is to simply turn the tables on them. Instead of you telling them how you feel, start the conversation by joking that you know this person has a crush on you. Tell this person that you have been watching how they are staring at you all the time, and you know that they have a little secret. As long as the conversation keeps moving along, you can then tell them that you too have the same feelings for them.

Rather than take a risky move and tell this person something too early in the game, get them to like you first. Start by getting together over the phone, building a closer bond and developing more than just a passing friendship. What you are trying to do is to get this person addicted to hearing your voice each day. When the time is right, you can tell them you like them without worrying you have crossed a line.

Texting is a great way to build that foundation before you take the leap. Start by texting hello and good-night each day. Then after a week, go a day without texting and then come back the next day with a text that you miss them. Once you are both comfortable texting each other daily, increase the frequency and length of the texts, especially at night. Offer to call instead right before bed, you want to become the last thing on their mind before they drift off to sleep. One night you could reveal your true feelings more easily.

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