I Hate My Husband – Now What?

Marriage is a rollercoaster. sometimes you are happy and sometimes you hate each other. Now, you are here and thinking that you hate your husband. Regardless of what caused such feelings towards him, we’ll try to give you some advice.

7 Things To Do If You Hate Your Husband

Hate is a very strong emotion and this isn’t supposed to pop up in a marriage. Although every now and then it does. So, what will you do if you hate the person that you promised to the Lord to love through good times and bad times?

Here are 7 things that you should consider doing if you want to save your relationship:

1. Have a Proper Communication

Communication is very important in all kind of relationships, with the lack of this, it can create so much hatred and anger between couples and even friends. You can improve your relationship with your husband if you have proper communication. You would really need to reach out and make them realize and understand what you mean.

Before the both of you have “The Talk”, you should have a cool temper. Let your husband know what has been bothering you. It may be something that he often does or not. It would be much better if you say something about it than keeping it bottled up within you.

2. Find All the Reasons Why You Have Married Your Husband in the First Place

Here is a powerful way to love your husband again, or at least try hating him less by thinking all the good habits, traits, and all the good things that he does for you. Appreciate all the good things that he has done so that you’ll feel more connected to your man. Sometimes going back to the basics improve a lot of things, this is especially true even with relationships.

3. Try Uncovering Your Other Emotions Too

It is less likely for someone to only feel hate and nothing more on something or someone. So try uncovering your other emotions that fuel your hate against your husband. Sadness, disappointment, hurt, and anger, right in that order, are often the reason behind the hate.

Figure this out and find a solution for it, this would be the easiest way for you to know objectively and clearly know where your relationship stands.

4. Visit A Therapist

Before you say that you hate your husband, or in a worst-case scenario, leave him behind, you should try talking to a therapist first, especially if you’ve recently been through something hard.

There may be a chance that the hate you feel for your husband is actually for something else, and it just happens that your husband was there, or has done something that you don’t like that made you hate him. And asking him to come over for some sessions would be make much sense as sometimes they usually listen when it’s a third party or a professional that gives the information or at least intervenes.

5. Put Yourself In His Shoes

Not literally, what I mean is that you should try looking at things from his side to know and understand what is going on in his perspective. If your husband has pushed you away instead of cuddling or making love with you, which has made you upset, you should try understanding him as he may have had a rough day from work and is exhausted.

If you see him flirting with other girls, it may be because that you aren’t giving him enough attention. So before you say that you hate him, you should also try figuring out your part as it may be one of the reasons why you hate him.

6. Marriage Takes Time and Work

Remember the times when you were still dating, you’ll remember that when the both of you have a misunderstanding it would take time before it gets fixed. Same with marriage, but this time it will take a bit more effort than before to work out.

Go out on dates from time to time, or at least make time for each other to keep your marriage from failing. This will also stop you from hating your husband. Again always remember how you both started and it will really lit up the old fire that was once burning.

7. Accept the Failing Relationship

Unfortunately, not all marriages are perfect and will less likely to fail. There are some situations that no matter what solution that you both do, nothing works to make the situation better. The only option that you have to do to stop hating your husband is to up and leave him.

It may be because that he is abusive, or often to do all things that make you hate him that has caused the marriage to fail. If you still hate your husband, and no matter what you do things still can’t be worked out, then it would be best to file a divorce.
Have a sit and talk with your man about the things that you’ll have to do, discuss how the children and other things will be handled. A sad ending but would sometimes be better than continuing something that is not meant to be.


No one can change the hate that you have for your husband but yourself. Therefore, you should make an effort to fix things up before everything gets worst. Sometimes it is better to let the stem off and face the problem than just letting it go away or build up to unrecoverable magnitude. Deal with your problem by doing some of the listed things above which will help you save your relationship.  Also, find out if he still loves you or has the same feeling that you do. It will help you to make a decision.
If your man has done something wrong, accept that fact he is not perfect and that he’ll make mistakes from time to time. But if the situation is much more complicated to get fixed, then it would be best for you to leave your husband behind.

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