9 Illusions Our Brains Make Us Think Are Real

Real Illusions
Real Illusions

There are a number of illusions our brains are capable of making us think are real and the examples that follow are going to show you just how our brain really can play so many tricks on us. You need to remember that our brain is very complex and we only really understand a small percentage of how it all works, so seeing some of the things that we know it can do may help us to further understand the world around us.

We Think That There Are Patterns, When There Is No Such Thing

First, our brain is wonderful at telling us that there is some kind of pattern to a random scattering of objects, when in actual fact there is no such thing. If you scatter some rice on a table there is a pretty good chance that you will be able to pick out some kind of pattern in the rice, but the truth of the matter is that it is just a random scattering and it is merely our brain just trying to convince us that there is something there, when there is no such thing.

The Illusion Of Perspective

Have you ever looked at an image that shows perspective and believed that the object that seems to be further away is smaller? That is not always the case and in the case of an image it is often to do with what is around the object as this alters the way that we perceive other images. It is all a trick of the eye and our brain telling us that objects should be a different length because surely that is the thing that makes sense?

Patterns And Colors Makes Us Think Something Is Moving

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