6 Items In Your Life That Make You Dumb

Collecting, using or purchasing unnecessary things is not only financially irresponsible, it can also be detrimental to your thought process.

Smart shoppers will consider the benefits of an item before purchasing it, which can help avoid the ownership of products or items that are proven to be the opposite of beneficial to your intelligence.

There are also items we all use in our day to day lives that are actually doing more harm than we notice. Read on to discover a few everyday elements that are known for dumbing down our minds.

Overpriced Snacks

Okay, it’s understandable that your favorite snack is delicious, but if it costs $20 and you’re on a limited income, that could be seriously damaging to both your bank account and your judgement abilities.

If you’re happy to spend a significant amount of your income on foods you could easily find for less, it’s time to ask yourself why you think that’s reasonable. You may come to the conclusion that your brain’s ability to reason and rationalize your spending is essentially ‘out of whack’, giving you the opportunity to work on it and improve your decision making skills.

Any grocery store will likely sell a similar product for less, or you could even purchase the ingredients to re-create the meat at home on a budget. Look for a cheaper alternative and consider everything you could do with the leftover money.

Chewing Gum

A series of experiments that took place at Cardiff University, Wales, concluded that chewing gum regularly can impair your short term memory.

This may contradict previous studies that have suggested that chewing gum can essentially improve short-term memory, however the results are conclusive after multiple approaches.

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