Psychological Meaning of Lice in Your Dreams

Dreaming of having lice in your hair is an unpleasant experience. The meaning behind it is interesting. While it mostly carries the negative interpretation, going into details is crucial for understanding your subconsciousness. After answering several emails from our readers, I decided to dedicate a separate article to a meaning of lice in a dream.

Lice Symbolism

Lice are tiny insects. They live around human hair and feed on our blood. They are parasites and need a host to survive. Currently, we are their only known hosts. Throughout history, they gained various symbolism, mostly associated with unsanitary conditions and feeling undesired (nobody wants to be around a person with lice). They symbolize the following:

  • Disgust
  • Living off others’ expense
  • Dirty person
  • Unhealthy person
  • Lack of independence
  • Undesirable social position

Esoteric Meaning Behind Lice Dreams

I want to start writing about the meaning by saying that some people get the wrong idea of how lice dreams are interpreted. I don’t know what they are basing the information, but most of the dream websites out there (they have questionable articles on them written by an obvious non-expert) say that seeing lice in a dream means something good will happen. It is the opposite, actually. Lice carry a negative meaning. Think about it – do you get any positive emotion while having them or thinking about them? No, of course. So, why would your mind have positive messages from your subconscious mind while such a dream occurs? The negativity of the message depends on the specific scenarios. I will write about the most common ones.

Having lice in your hair means that your mind is worried about your current health condition. Most likely you do not follow a proper diet and not exercise enough. Your brain senses it and warns you that if you continue like this, health problems will arise.

Lice in a dream also mean being worried about a financial situation. After all, they are parasites, surviving by taking other resources. You are afraid that you will have to do the same. Maybe you are not the best performer at work or do not make enough to save money. Maybe you do not even work and are dependent on your partner. Even if you don’t think a lot about it daily, financial freedom is necessary for a healthy mind and your brain senses that.

It also means that your social life is in bad condition. Lice aren’t something you want to have if you want to make friends. Remember that kid from your childhood that frequently had lice? Nobody wanted to hang out with him. Even for adults, it is terribly embarrassing to have lice in the hair. So, naturally, when you see them in a dream, your subconscious mind shows the image from a real-life where you do not have many friends anymore. Perhaps you never had them or you grew up and stopped having contact. I recommend making new ones even if you have kids and little time. We are social animals, after all. Without proper social life, your brain will be stressed and damage your mental well-being in the long run.

If your children had lice in a dream, then it means that you do not do enough for their health. Perhaps you are a great parent and give them lots of love, but when it comes to their health discipline, you lack proper knowledge.

If you saw your partner having lice, it means that lately, his behavior forces you subconsciously to distant yourself from him. He does something that you dislike and it damages his image in your eyes. Proper communication is crucial for your relationship to be healthy. Your brain is giving you early signs, so you must not ignore them.

The same thing can be said about seeing a friend or another family member having lice. Their behavior or current lifestyle is not pleasant for you. While everyone acts or should act the way they desire, for you, their actions force you to have fewer and fewer contacts with them.

Killing lice in a dream means that you are ready to get rid of the people that hinder your progress and demand unearned attention. Such people only take away your energy and never give back anything. They are like parasites. Thus, your brain links them to lice. Killing them symbolizes the desire or moving on without their involvement in your life.

If lice talked to you in a dream, it means that in the near future you will be hearing advice from the people that you should not trust. They think they know better than you and will tell things that could be harmful to you. Simply ignore them or think hard before accepting anyone’s advice.

Can psychology help me understand lice dreams?

Dreams are also analyzed using a psychological approach. Lice symbolize unattractiveness and being undesired for most of the people. So, it can be assumed that you feel self-conscious about your appearance. You also seem to be lonely lately and seek attention. Your low confidence makes you question if other people like you or not.

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