Meaning of a Lizard in a Dream – Real Interpretation

Lizard in a dream has a positive meaning. While the interpretation heavily depends on the settings in a dream, it is mostly a good sign. What exactly you can assume after having a dream involving a lizard will be discussed in this article.

Lizard Symbolism

While some people find them scary, lizards generally considered harmless animals. For centuries, they have been associated with various symbolism:

  • Survival
  • adaptability
  • mystery
  • being quick
  • preciseness

Esoteric Meaning of dreams about lizards

Lizards are exotic animals. They are full of mystery and often associated with survival and adaptability. Below are various dream scenarios involving lizards interpreted based on esoteric wisdom.

Seeing a lizard at your house means good luck. They are harmless and mostly hunt insects. They are pretty much natural pest control. You will be having a peaceful period in the upcoming weeks. Take this time to make your house pretties. Decorate a bit more, keep it clean and enjoy a cozy atmosphere as much as you can.

Seeing a lizard in the desert means that you need to set yourself on a mental journey to find inner wisdom. When was the last time you spent time exploring your mind? What you like, enjoy, what you want to become? When was it the last time you meditated? took a break from the dull daily tasks to develop your consciousness? If it has been a while or you never did, now it is time to do it. The lizard is a symbolic message from your subconsciousness. It craves improvement.

The desert symbolizes the vastness of your mind. It needs to be explored. If the lizard is trying to guide you in a dream, it means that in real life you could use a teacher. It has to be somebody you trust and believe is a wise person.

There are some dream scenarios where lizards carry a negative meaning. One example is the lizard biting you. It means that in the near future you will be meeting a few people that will try to diminish your reputation. It is crucial for your survival to find the inner strength and summon the willpower to withstand the challenge.

Another negative scenario is finding a dead lizard in a dream. In this case, the dream symbolizes the detachment from the inner wisdom. You’ve reached the point where personal development is the lowest last few years. The mind is desperate to be rearranged to have a big picture again.

Killing a lizard in a dream carries the most negative meaning of all. When it comes to a bad sign, it can’t get any worse with lizards. Killing it symbolizes going against yourself and making huge mistakes. Those mistakes will be devastating for the future. Thus, it is important not to be careless, to think clearly, analyze your life and make decisions based on logic and rationality.

Talking lizard means that you have surrounded yourself with the people who can be a tremendous influence on your development and life in general. They are smart and will teach you a lot. If it is already obvious, think of the people who are great friends and influential mentors and strengthen the friendship with them.

Seeing a flying lizard while dreaming symbolizes survival and adaptability. You will have an easy time in the future surviving the challenges. Your mind senses the improvement you had lately and increases its confidence. The upcoming difficulties will be easy to overcome if you stay focused and believe in yourself.

Seeing two lizards fight has a neutral meaning. It shows the conflict inside you. There is a decision you need to make and your mind is preoccupied with it. There is no right or wrong in this case. Make sure you use inner wisdom to decide which is the better option. Only you can answer that question.

What does psychology have to say about lizards and dreams?

As mentioned above, lizards have a positive cultural association. They are harmless and mostly mind their business. For psychologists, lizards are a sign of brain needing rest and spending some quiet time at home.

There is always a possibility, of course, that you had a dream about lizards because you recently been thinking of them or saw them in real life. Psychologists do not always analyze the subconscious mind directly. First, you need to make sure that your dream was not caused by simply exposure to an animal.

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