Lizard in a Dream – Explanation

Dreams are ever occurring and sometimes weird to the dreamer. Many people tried to dissect and analyze it in many different ways. There are still studies and experiments conducted to understand the logic behind dreams. The most popular belief is that visions or fantasy are the activity of the brain recreating the events of our day or our life. Others believe that it could be the unraveling of the innermost thoughts or feelings that a person holds that they cannot say out loud. The explanation is that every individual carries some burden, thought, opinion, or fantasy that they cannot speak out about and such things play out in their dream. Even when a person is asleep their brain is still awake and working, which opens up the subconscious mind and brings about it in the vision.

Seeing certain objects, animals, numbers, person, or location in a dream also suggests something. Over the years such objects or things have been deciphered by experts to help people understand their fantasy. Seeing animals in a dream is not unusual but depends on its kind, action, nature, etc. Dreaming of lizards symbolizes your fears towards a specific person, situation, or incident and how you deal with it. It also shows your reactions or basic instincts toward particular scenarios. No matter whatever interpretation a lizard dream may have the finality comes from the combination of the similarity it has to your reality or thoughts.

A distinct nature of a lizard is its thick skin and the way it sheds it every time. Such natural facts of the lizard represent thick-skinned or brutal nature of some people you may know. Skin shedding may also represent renewal and rebirth.

When you run away from a lizard in your dream

It symbolizes your fear of something or denial to admit to fearing it. It also means that you are running away from such someone or something that you fear to face. It throws valuable light on your inability to trust your intuition and instincts.

When you attack a lizard in your dream

It may be indicating to the doubts and fears you have and how you are struggling to overcome it.

When you see a crawling lizard

It means a person is well grounded. It could also mean some who wants to keep a low profile or sneak around. Additionally, if you see the lizard crawling into a hole, it could represent restrained desires that are sexual.

When you nail a lizard in your dream

All along dreaming of lizards symbolized self-doubt and fear. So when you see a vision where you captured a lizard, it is indicative of the fact that despite all your apprehensions and distrust on yourself you are trying to work on such weaknesses and flaws. It shows your ability to accept the flaws and putting in all your hard work to rectify the mistake.

Other interpretation also suggests that such dreams where you are holding the lizard with your hand could mean masturbation.