My Husband Hates Me – Now What?

The marriage is tough to maintain and sometimes it goes so wrong that partners hate each other. It is difficult to face the reality, but sometimes that is the only way to go.

How Can You Know If Your Husband Hates You?

Being hated by your husband is really serious and tragic. You should not jump into the conclusion and declare – my husband hates me –  without having any evidence of hate. Below are a few signs that can help you decide if your husband really hates you. Remember, one sign out of 4 is not an indicator of anything. If all of them are true, then most likely something is going on.

1. You Often Fight Even on the Smallest Things

If you both can’t have a normal conversation without fighting, then this might be one of the reasons why he hates you. If he’s the one who mostly starts the fight and blames you for everything, then this is a sign that he likes making you feel bad.

2. Takes You for Granted

No matter how badly he treats you or what he does, he will still think that you would still be there for him, and for some reason, he hates you for that. He hates you because you are being the bigger person instead of him.

3. Lack of Communication

Less communication doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong, but if you feel the tense even without speaking, then there is definitely something wrong. If you are connected to someone you will also feel the emotion of the other. If you feel the tension and negative feelings without communicating, then your gut feeling might just be right.

4. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You’ve Got Romantic

This is the top sign that the love between you is gone. If your man loses interest in being romantic with you, it may be a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore. But there are other reasons why he isn’t interested in being romantic. The only way to know what the problem is by talking it out with him.

Yes, My husband definitely hates me – What can I do? How to fix the problem?

If you want to save your relationship and put it back the way it was before, then there are things that you should do for your marriage to succeed. Any couple in love can save a relationship if they are willing to work for it.

1. Communicate

The number one solution is to communicate, you cannot fix a problem without talking about it. If you and your husband barely speak with each other after getting home from work because of exhaustion, you should probably change this habit.

Make a deal with your husband to have a communication for at least a couple of hours a day, it will help keep your relationship healthy.

2. Tend to Each Other’s Need

If you are a housewife and just wait for her husband to come home from work, then why not offer your husband with a massage or with a delicious dinner. If you feel that your marriage lacks something, then it might be because that you don’t make each other happy, unlike when you were dating before.

If your husband needs help that has something to do with his work, then you should help him out, and vice versa. Both of you should show that you matter to each other, work together. But if it’s only one-sided, then that won’t work out.

3. Try Something New

If both of you are working non-stop without a break, then it may be time to file a few days leave, or maybe a week for a vacation. You and your husband could plan to take an out-of-town vacation to unwind and release all the built-up stress.

Not only will you be able to spend time with each other, but you also get to enjoy the change of the surrounding.

4. Save Yourself

Rather than solely focusing on marriage and your husband’s hate for you, don’t forget to also save yourself from stress and other negative emotions. Don’t lose or break yourself for saving a relationship. Treat yourself for a relaxing spa on the weekend, or go to the gym to release some of the stress that you are feeling.

Allowing yourself to relax will calm your mind, which will help you know what to do with the hate of your husband.

5. Fight for Your Marriage

In order for your marriage to be healthy and successful, is by fighting all the problems together. If you think that your husband hates you, then ask what the problem is and how to stop his hate towards you.

Working and fighting it out together will help save your marriage. Also, try to remember all the reasons why you have loved each other in the first place. It will help rebuild the love that you think the both of you have lost.

6. Be Honest

And of course, if the both of you had the talk, you should be 100% honest with each other. There would be no point in talking if the both of you aren’t completely honest with each other. A simple conversation with full honesty would actually ease off a lot of burdens and might be the missing piece for a full communication, that could win your loving ways into your relationship.

An expression “It takes two to tango” is applied to your marriage, as all the things you do will also affect the other. If there’s a fight breaking out, then it’s not just the fault of one but of the both of you. So if your husband hates you, you shouldn’t be the only trying to fix the situation, but your husband as well. Couples, when wed, are considered as one, and until the two of you connects and agree to a point, it would be difficult to fix an escalated misunderstanding.

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