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So basically narcissists people are like “The Kardashians” in their own respective lives. The need to stay in the spotlight no matter what the situation is, makes them lie. This constant need to grab attention often leads to people developing less empathy or none at all.

Regardless of the situation, they will tend to lie just for the sake of making it about them. It doesn’t matter if that lie makes their other friends look bad or demean their character as long as they get the attention and the feeling that they are important.

The root cause of developing a narcissist character can be traced back to its medical origins. Narcissism can be linked to various factors such as –

  • Genetics – inherited characteristics from their parents or any related family members.
  • Environment – the way they have been brought up with excess criticism or constant need to achieve something to gain praises or unhealthy parent-child relationships.
  • Neurobiology – the relationship between the brain and the behaviour.

How do narcissists lie?


How narcissists lie is a wide area of topic. They don’t restrict themselves to any limits, and any lie that makes them look good is always a welcoming sign for them. Here are some common ways of how narcissists lie.

  • “I know that – ask me!”

The need to overcompensate what they know or understand in order to elevate their own status is the primary reason why they lie. Regardless of what the topic of discussion is, they will always lie about their knowledge of the topic to draw attention. They can just about make anything up even if they don’t have the slightest clue, and somehow convince you to believe that as well. On a regular basis, a narcissist will try to prove or remind everybody how important they are by involving themselves in every little discussion and make it a point to let everybody know that they know everything.