Narcissistic Manipulation Tactics – How They Do It

Narcissism and manipulation. Our website focuses on these two topics heavily and finally, we will unite them to discuss how narcissists use manipulation tactics. We wrote about narcissists before and their characteristics. They are selfish, self-loving individuals who do not care about you and when it comes to manipulating you, they will do it without even thinking about it.

Here’s more about narcissists. Due to a lack of empathy, they can’t prolong with a long-term relationship. Unremarkably they are gifted with a good leadership personality. Overconfident about own self. They are extremely self-focused but they lack psychological cognizance. Commonly they use other people’s productivity for their own benefit without reckoning the cost of doing so. They have a peculiar susceptibility about their physical appearance.

There are two types of narcissists. One is known as a vulnerable narcissist as they feel insecure about themselves. Another one is known as grandiose narcissist which demonstrates the exact opposite characteristics of the previous one they appear to be overconfident.

Grandiose narcissists are widely known as a psychopath because of their anomalous behavior. They are termed as a menace to the society because of their exceptional self-love. This kind of self-involved person has some God gifted talents which they use for their own benefits. One such is that they are staggeringly good at manipulation.

Now the question is how they do it? How do narcissists manipulate?

First, you need to know that they are extremely self-assured. You can’t win over them in an argument even if you are on the right side. They will use your words against you and at the end of that argument, you will feel drained. Because they don’t argue with you, they argue themselves.

If you are pointing out the mistakes what they have done earlier, then get ready to hear all the justifications they have stored for you. In short, they can never be wrong. And you have to be bound to agree that.

At first, they comport themselves very courteously. They will make you feel comfortable to share your thoughts, ideas, likes or even personal things. This helps them to get an idea about you. After that, they utilize your drawbacks to grip on you.

By nature, they are a bit coquettish. They can mesmerize someone with their words. This is a strong point about them.

They are known as noetic conceiver. They play with our mind. They make their own assumption on your thoughts and ideas and generalize everything you say. Lastly, you will be baffled about your own intellection.

They always represent your thoughts and ideas in a wrong way, which one has never imagined even. They use your emotion and reframe it harmonized with their own requirements. And you will be left with a sense of guilt.

Always remember that never represent your frail side in front of them. They will use these fallible against you. This is another mentionable way of manipulation.

They are also known as the expert critic. They will always point out your faults and shortcomings to overpower on you.

They display their own achievements ostentatiously just to make you feel insecure about yourself.

In an argument, they always change the subject. They make themselves the center of that argument and use every single word against you.

The best thing about their personality is that they can change their behavior at the drop of hat. That means if you can prove them wrong without any hesitation they become extremely emotional and you are pinioned to forgive them.

They make a mindless demand on others. Just to show their superiority on you they always make some unrealistic demand which becomes a challenging thing to meet.

They are hypersensitive about their physical appearance, their looks solve half of their problem.

Confidence is another strong point about them. They use their confidence to hide their mistakes that at a point you will blindly believe on their lie.

They are always ready with their backups. That means they always take help from a third person to take their side. So if you don’t believe them they are ready with their witness to prove them right.

A narcissist person will always downplay your worth. They will behave in such a way that you will be filled with self-doubt.

They always represent themselves as a person who is tricked or swindled even though you are the actual person who suffers.

They will take control of everything. They will make themselves the center of attention and you always have to obey their decisions.

They will earn your trust and make you feel dependent on them. After doing that they will make you believe that they are the only person who is concerned about your wellbeing.

They will adapt to your personal nature. In other words, they will copy you just make you feel amazed that how someone can be the way you are.

Silence or excuses is the key weapon they use to make you unable to think clearly. You will be confused about their changed behavior or something else but they will not clarify it. As they need to maintain their false image in front of you.

Once you start asking a question on them they will emotionally drain you. You will feel emotionally fagged.

Once they caught red handed they will shift the blame on you and will act like an innocent soul.

They always do the right things to get the chance to be permitted to do the fallacious one.

So if you are sharing any kind of relationship with a self-obsessed person, then this article is for you. It is better to maintain a safe distance from this kind of mentally ill person as they are not ready to accept anything or anyone rather than themselves. They always follow their brain and not their heart that is why they can easily influence anyone.

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