Owl in a Dream – Meaning

Owls are mysterious creatures. Seeing one in a dream carries a sophisticated meaning. To interpret the message, you should know the basic symbolism and then seek the answer within.

What is a symbolism of an owl?

  • Mysticism
  • Secrets
  • Hidden opportunities
  • Strangers appearing in your life
  • Wisdom

Is it a good sign to see an owl in a dream?

There is no good or bad sign associated with an owl. The creature carries the neutral symbolism. It depends on the settings and your life. Keep reading to see the interpretation of the specific setting.

Seeing an owl in your house is one of the most common scenarios. It’s typically a good sign as long as the animal is not dead. It means that you should expect a positive surprise in your life. If the owl is dead, however, it means that you should be aware of strangers deceiving you.

An owl in the woods means you need to take a pause from the action and explore the wisdom within you. Only after learning yourself better, you will be able to achieve your goals. If it was a night in a dream, then the wisdom will come from the familiar parts of your subconsciousness. If it was a day, then you should look for the characteristics still unknown.

Stumbling upon a dead owl is a bad sign. It symbolizes the death of positive things an owl stands for. Typically such dreams do not occur without serious mental disturbance inside you. Are you worried about something? Is daily life too stressful for you? Perhaps it is time to take a pause and your mind is warning you using dreams.

If the owl talks to you and tries to offer guidance, then the dream has a good sign. You should try to break your comfort zone and socialize more. The strangers that you will meet will teach you priceless lessons in life.

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