Dreaming of Peeing – Alarming Messages of Subconscious Mind

Dreaming of peeing is a common occurrence. It has multiple symbolic meanings, depending on the settings. Urine in your dream could mean various things and we will explain each of them in detail. 

Overview of what peeing in a dream could mean:

  1. You are ready to take the challenge of life
  2. You have an attitude of someone who doesn’t care what others think
  3. You have a subliminal fear
  4. Your social life is in poor shape
  5. Your masculine/feminine side needs attention
  6. You are unhappy at your job
  7. You don’t want to get old
  8. Something is stressing you
  9. You are doing something to survive

And many others. Let us dive in. 

Dreaming of Peeing Outside

Peeing outside like in the streets can have both positive or negative meanings. One can be that your brain is trying to tell you that you are ready to take the challenge of life and develop yourself. It can also mean that you feel pressured and disturbed. These types of peeing dreams can have multiple variations. That’s why it is important to analyze them closer with more details.

Others are watching you and you are not embarrassed – This means that you do not feel shy and have an attitude of a person who does not care what others are thinking. This is especially true if you are doing it in front of a large crowd. Such a thing in waking life is considered extremely unacceptable. Your brain, however, is not trying to push you to disregard the norms of society. It simply is trying to show you that you are strong enough to stand and what you want despite the fact that the people find it disturbing and inappropriate. 

Others are watching and you feel embarrassed – This is not a good situation to be in. Your brain is hiding a secret fear. You may be afraid of the people and feel pressured about how they are going to react based on your actions. Peeing symbolizes your choices in your waking life and the people watching are the reflection of your fear of social judgment. Such dreams are telling you that you are a weak person and need to face your insecurities if you want to achieve success in life. 

You are peeing and streets are empty – This is also connected to how you perceive your social life. Streets are public places. When they are empty, it symbolizes the absence of the people and their aura. You are peeing there, but nobody is watching. It is almost like doing something inappropriate and forbidden while nobody is there to witness and call you out. Your mind is trying to rebel against society. But not because you want to specifically do something so inappropriate, but because you want to break the rules. Such rules are suffocating your existence and you are trying to break free. 

Peeing Indoors 

Dreaming of peeing in your bathroom – This is a typical scenario of your daily life and there is nothing to worry about. You are in your familiar setting, doing something natural. It means you are happy with the way things are going in your life and enjoy the routine that you’ve created for yourself. It also depends on the way you are emptying your bladder. If everything is going without a mess, then you feel under control and confident. If you get the toilet messy in the process, then there is something troubling your mind that is connected to your daily life and routine. 

Dreaming of peeing in your bedroom – This is a type of dream that can definitely be linked to the negative thoughts dwelling in your subconscious mind. Such behavior is totally inappropriate and out of your ordinary life. You would never do such a thing and yet you are dreaming of it. It means that you are concerned with the choices you have already made or about to make. You may be thinking that the past or the future decision is as wrong as peeing in your bedroom. 

At your job outside the bathroom – Here as well depends on the settings and who is around you. If you are peeing without others noticing it, it means that you are doing something unacceptable at work. You are vandalizing the property of the company. If you feel guilty about doing it, it means that you are not doing well at your job and feel bad about it in real life. If in a dream you feel like the management will get you for doing such a thing, it means that you are worried about how your boss is perceiving your performance. Perhaps you are not doing so well lately and you feel like you will get fired because of it. 

Another explanation of peeing at work at inappropriate places is that you dislike the company that you work for and want to harm them with mischief that cannot easily be detected. Such dreams remind you that instead of trying to hide your dissatisfaction with your current job, you should either try to make your environment a better place or change the company. It is important to understand why does your company receive a negative attitude from you – is it your boss, coworkers or the tasks you do?

Peeing in your pants – Such dreams are extremely common and have various interpretations that we should closely analyze. The behavior is obviously negative and associated with being a child or an old person. It is considered an embarrassment and associated with weakness and in control. 

You are afraid of old age– One thing that comes with old age is the urinary incontinence. Getting older means you are no longer as strong, beautiful and full of energy as you used to. Nobody wants to lose that and some develop subconscious fear of it. Then they start to dream of the symptoms of being old. In this case, dreams are about peeing in the pants. 

You are afraid of getting older – It sounds very similar to the fear of the old age, but it is different. In this case, you do not want to lose the youth and become an adult with lots of stress and responsibility. This is not about being very old. It is about having to deal with the problems that were not there when you were a child. So, you are afraid of the responsibilities and feel anxious about the challenges of life. 

Peeing in your pants in front of others – Such embarrassing behavior can become a traumatic experience for many due to the social pressure. Dreaming of it means that you are uncomfortable with your current social life and the people around are not the best suits for your personality. Depending on the people in the dreams, it can also mean other things. For example, if it happened in front of your boss, it means he or she is stressing you. If it happened in front of your friends, then they are causing you anxiety and you should evaluate if your friendship is healthy for you. 

Peeing in your pants alone – It means you are insecure about yourself. Even if you seem confident and eccentric outside, deep down there is something that kills your confidence. You are alone in your dreams because your insecurity makes you avoid people. Being in such a situation where you subconsciously accepted your weakness is alarming. However, luckily your mind is trying to tell you that it is time to change. The reasons behind your insecurity can be many. Only you can analyze the image you have for yourself and determine what you can do to fix it. 

You see how somebody else pees – When it is not you, but someone else that pees, it means you are concerned about others. It can be difficult to do the analysis of such a dream without knowing more details. It can have multiple variations. 

Your friend – Things might not be going well between you and your friend. Perhaps it is something that happened in the past or you are afraid that things will go wrong between you and him in the near future. Are you worried about your friendship? Are there secrets that you are hiding from him that might start a conflict? Your brain is also might be telling you that you dislike and disapprove of the behavior of your friend. Maybe he is careless and needs to recheck his priorities and you dream of him peeing because you are worried about his future. 

Your partner – Things might not be going well between you and your partner. There has to be a tension in a relationship that transforms itself into the imagery of peeing in your dreams. It strongly depends on the settings in your dreams, however. Such dreams can have an intimate meaning and hide your bedroom desires. If the dream is unusual and out of the context of everyday settings, then it is negative. Analyze your relationship and try to detect unhealthy patterns. You could be missing something crucial to maintain a happy relationship. 

Your partner pees his/her pants – You are afraid of their well-being and have a fear of losing them. Make sure your relationship is healthy before ignoring such signs. Ask yourself – why are you so attached to them? Do you have a reason to be worried or you do it because you simply love them too much? 

Your parents – Disturbing images can arise from your subconscious mind and they must not be ignored. If you see one of your parents urinating in your dreams, your brain might be reminding you of all the traumatic experiences that happened during your childhood or teenage years. Often abusive or overly strict parents damage the mental health of their children and later on the thoughts that are hidden deep in the subconscious mind pop up randomly during the sleep. If you have a great relationship with your parents and you do not remember any negative experience from your past life, it can mean that you are worried about their health and well-being. 

Your co-worker – Chances are you don’t get along well with that one co-worker or all of your current ones. They are not friendly towards you or you do not accept them. It can be because you don’t like them or have social anxiety that stops you to be social. Whatever is going in, it is important for your career and mental well-being to have a good relationship with your co-workers. Thus, you should try to understand what blocks you from having one. Once you determine the reason, work on fixing it. 

Your boss – Seeing your boss peeing in a dream has a strong symbolic meaning. It says how much tension between you two is and that things are not going well at your work. In extreme cases, some people dream of their chefs peeing on them. It means that one feels dominated, weak and abused. If similar dreams become recurring, you need to make changes in your life. If there is a big mental pressure coming from your boss, you will feel miserable and destroy your happiness. 

Male stranger peeing – If you are a man and saw it in a dream, your masculine side is lacking attention and need to make sure you dedicate enough time to it. You lack control over your identity and it reflects your current confidence and motivation in life. If you are a female, then you subconsciously are looking for a partner that will be dominative. You need guidance and a person by your side that will have strong views on life to help you understand yourself and take the right path in life. 

Female stranger peeing – If you are a woman and a stranger was peeing in your dream, your feminine side needs more attention. What is happening in your life lately? Are you too focused on other stuff so much that you forgot to take care of yourself? If you are a man and saw a female, then your love life is in poor shape. Your romantic frustration is getting noticed by your mind and it reminds you to take action through such dreams. 

Your neighbor is peeing – You are collecting lots of negative cues from your neighbor and need to expect that the relationship will get worse between you and him. This is not your fault and happens because of his behavior. Try to observe if he is passive-aggressive and how he acts when he’s around. 

Your ex is peeing – His or her influence is still in your head and it affects the way you act and think in real life. You may not notice this, but your mind is giving you signals to start getting rid of this negative authority over your mental processes. Depending on how much time you’ve spent together, it will be difficult to analyze all the ways that you are being influenced. However, it is crucial for your future happiness to do so. 

Child peeing – If you have a child, it means you are worried about his or her behavior. It often happens when a child does not listen to a parent and is difficult to control. If you dream of a child peeing, but you don’t have one, you might be thinking of becoming a parent. 

Your dog is peeing – Dog symbolizes friendship and fidelity. Seeing it peeing means that your friendship and social life are experiencing problems. Perhaps You acted carelessly and damaged it. Now you feel guilty because you need to apologize. Or maybe you feel like your friends are not treating you nicely and do not support you during troubled times. 

Your cat is peeing – Cats are selfish animals and seeing them peeing in your dream means that there is egoism dominating something in your life. This could affect anything from your work to your relationships. It could be you being selfish towards your friends or family members. It could be your boss making your life difficult because he’s being selfish. You can figure out the exact meaning by thinking of things in your daily life that create problems due to selfishness. 

Urine Flood 

If you see urine flooding your house, it means your mental health is plagued by the thoughts of security. Your home is being destroyed by the filth and unsanitary liquid. You dream about it because there is an external threat that might jeopardize your comfort and safety. There will be something in your life that will challenge your strength. You need to be prepared, otherwise, you might lose your current stance and experience regress. 

If the urine flood the streets and you feel safe at your home, then you are afraid of something. You want to escape society and the chaos that is going on outside. You find comfort at your house as it is a familiar place. You don’t want to go outside and socialize, because people are not friendly towards you. 

You want to pee, but can’t find the bathroom – There are needs in your life that are essential for your well-being and happiness. The problem is that you can’t find a way to get them. It becomes uncomfortable to seek something when you have an urgent need. However, you should not give up and need to keep trying. 

You want to pee, but the line is huge – The things that you want to achieve are delayed by other people. It could happen at work, at school or in other places. You should not be frustrated and reject the people because of that. Learn to be patient and appreciate the benefits you get from society. Just like in a dream, there is nothing you can do to avoid the delay. Unless you want to cheat and cut the line. That will only bring anger towards you and might end up being an outcast. 

You are holding your pee – There are thoughts and emotions gathering inside you. It is getting so big that it becomes unhealthy for your mental health. You are holding pee in your dream because your brain is showing its frustration with such a mental image. 

Drinking urine – There are numerous events happened in the past where the people drink their pee in order to survive. If you have a dream like this, it means that you are doing something in your life that is essential for survival. It might not be pleasant, but there is no other way. Don’t feel bad if you are experiencing something like this in your life. Perhaps you are in a situation where you are not proud of your job. You might feel insecure about your body as well, but feel tortured at the gym during every exercise. The most important thing is that you are taking action and after a struggle, you will experience progress. Stay patient and do not give up. 

Peeing blood – Your health is slowly getting worse and need to pay attention to it. Your body is feeling neglected and reminds you that without a healthy lifestyle you will have terrible consequences. if you keep seeing the blood in your urine in your dreams, make sure there is nothing serious going on in waking life. It is time to develop habits that are good for your health and give up old ones that slowly kill you. Give up smoking, eating junk food and drinking. Instead, you should start exercising and eating lots of vegetables. 

How to act in real life after dreaming of peeing 

Hopefully, you found above the meaning of peeing in a dream. As you have seen, it could have various interpretations and completely depends on the settings inside the dream and in your life. First, it is important to notice if you keep seeing urine in your dreams. If it gets recurring, then you need to act immediately. Analyze your life – are you confident? do you have a fear of death and getting older? Are you happy? Ask the questions given in this article and you will understand the true meaning behind your dreams. 

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