People – Dream Interpretation

People in a dream – what does it mean?

People are linked to your attitude towards society. They symbolize your inner thoughts and the perception of yourself among others. Depending on the situation, it can indicate the distrust towards other human beings or the need for unity.


I had a terrifying dream last night and need to know the interpretation. I was alone somewhere far away from my town. I couldn’t recognize anyone. Traveling is not something that I do often. Although I’ve been outside the US a few times when I was younger. Anyway, I’m telling you this because the people were extremely rude to me. As if I did something so bad, that they hated me. They spoke English with the American accent, but I could tell they weren’t Americans.

The situation got so bad that I started thinking to me that this had to be a dream. Suddenly someone grabbed my hair and said “does this happen in a dream?” and at that point everything got terrifying. I was running for a long time. The people weren’t following me, but I was looking for a shelter to feel safe. What can this dream mean?


Running away from the people symbolizes the troubling relationship between you and society. The fact that everybody was rude and hostile to you indicates that you have a hidden fear of the outside world. This is understandable and happens often due to various external factors such as negative news or conflict with others.

You mentioned your age and that also could be a factor. Often the more we age, the more attached we get to the familiar things such as hometowns, houses we live in, and the people we always hang out with. Perhaps your subconscious mind is telling you to avoid new people and places in life and concentrate on things that make you happy.

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