Personality Strength And Weakness – List That You Should Know

It most certainly isn’t hard to see how a good personality can affect your life in the most positive way. But at the same time, a bad personality can mean the difference between a successful life and be mediocre. People don’t just ask you about your personality strengths and weaknesses in an interview to hear you talking. All your positive and negative attributes contribute the most to your success rather than your qualification or any other aspect of your life.

Your personality determines what kind of person you are and that ultimately results in positive results. The most crucial part, however, is the fact that your personal attributes affect all the people around you. No one wishes to stay in the same room with a negative person and the kind of negative energy that they radiate. It is, therefore, vital to possess positive personality attributes since it encourages people around you to be a better person by taking your examples. Possessing personality strength will determine how well you can fit in with other people and also your ability to help others in any given circumstances. Negative personality attributes are undesirable in all areas. It shows how inefficient you are and your incapability to work with others or to lend a helping hand when others are in need.

Personality Strengths

  • Optimist

It is most important to stay positive at all times, irrespective of what the situations may be. Remaining an optimist enables you to see the best result out of any situations. It also encourages you to not give up easily in any situations. When you constantly expect a positive result from any situation, it encourages you to give your best in order to obtain the best result. Everyone will admire your presence, and they will always value your optimism above everything.

  • Honesty

Honesty doesn’t just restrict itself to telling the truth all the time. In fact, it is almost impossible to speak the truth every single time because of the varying situations that you face. Sometimes it becomes necessary to tell something other than the truth in order to help others, but being honest means identifying those little lies and limiting yourself. Being honest also means to back up all the things that you believe in. If you develop a dual personality and show honesty only where it suits you best, it just makes you a hypocrite. Being honest allows others to trust and respect you in every situation.

  • Integrity

Anyone who doesn’t have strong integrity can never value others in a positive aspect. Integrity is the primary difference between a good person and a bad person. It allows you to behave properly with other people and also have the decency to take other person’s opinions and views in perspective when you take any decision.

  • Humility

Humility enables you to draw a line between being confident and over-confidence. You may be important in some particular areas but, it is impossible to make such a statement that you are superior to everyone – all the time. recognizing your self-worth yet realizing where to draw the line and accepting other people’s contributions or opinions is what humility allows you to achieve.

  • Empathy

Yes, it’s not okay to cry over all the silliest of your friends or colleagues problems, but it is most crucial to show empathy and encourage them when they need it. Just because something doesn’t affect your personal life doesn’t mean you’ll turn a blind eye on their misfortunes or failures. If you show empathy to others, it will always return back to you when you’re in need of encouragement and support.

  • Forgiveness

Such a simple word, yet the hardest thing that a person can do, isn’t it? Our human nature seems to be hell-bent on not forgiving others too easily. It is too hard to let a betrayal go without any punishment. Your heart just doesn’t give in to that, but once you take a step back and let go of the momentary anger or resentment towards a particular person, it’s such a satisfying feeling to forgive them for whatever they did. It makes you proud of yourself, and you’re clear self-conscious only ensures you more of the positive result. The best part is that forgiveness affects the other person more than it does for you. It encourages them to become a better person.

Personality weaknesses

  • Selfish

Probably the worst person that one can possess is selfishness. Remember, if you can’t stand a selfish person, you have to try not to become one yourself. A selfish person can never grow up to be liked by others around them unless the other people are more obnoxious than them. A selfish person will only value others as much as they can be of their help or only when they can gain profit out them.

  • Ego

Unless you’re George Clooney, your Ego will never go down well with others. It is entirely a different story if you can back up all your egos with a positive result. But even if you were amazing in every aspect, your ego is best kept unraveling. All that respect that you earn from positive results can just vanish into thin air if you are an egotistical prick.

  • Shyness

While many people see “shyness” as an innocent and harmless trait, it usually produces severe negative results. Unless you plan on earning millions by just sitting in your room and never getting out of it, you will have to socialize with people eventually. Shyness can lead to serious medical conditions such as anxiety problems when faced by many people at once. People who can’t talk well with others or in a group will obviously find problems in sharing their views or opinions, let alone convince others.

  • Criticism

Nobody likes a person who comes off as someone who is too critical about what others do. It’s like they wait for others to make the smallest of errors, and when that finally happens, BAM, they appear out of nowhere to point the errors out. The constant need to put others down for the smallest things just to convince yourself that you’re better than others is just pathetic and undesirable in every way possible.

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