Psychological Meaning of Lice in Your Dreams

Dreams are a way of understanding someone’s psychology and health. There are many ways of interpreting them, and sometimes these interpretations may vary, but all dreams have a common purpose, and that is to expose your subconscious thoughts.

Seeing lice is your dream is a rare occurrence so when you see lice on someone or yourself, it usually signifies a negative psychological status.

Lice are parasites that depend on other organisms for survival and cause harm to the host. They are known to cause discomfort, irritability and are a menace. Getting rid of them requires thorough head and body inspection, treatment by medicated hair and skin care products. Lice can also be infected from person to another, so one has to be careful around someone with lice.

With those facts in mind, dreaming of lice can have different annotations varying upon a person’s psychology.

When you dream that lice are infecting you, it usually means that you are bothered by something that is unresolved. You might be feeling guilty or unclean about yourself due to an event that you blame yourself.

If you are shocked or repulsed by your dream of lice, it must be your subconscious trying to tell you about something unfortunate that you did unconsciously. You may have lied or been dishonest about something that you thought was not a big deal, but it does make you feel guilty, and you are not ready to come in terms with it yet.

If you were nonchalant about seeing the lice in your dreams, the lice could represent a person, relationship or situation that has happened . you have no control over it, but you know it is unavoidable.

Since lice are parasitic, psychologically, it reveals your emotional and physical representation of feeling used and taken advantage of. There is something or someone that makes you uneasy but your conscious being is trying to subdue the feeling, but your subconscious is not able to dismiss it.

If you are trying to get rid of those lice or trying to avoid it in your dreams, it represents your subconscious trying to free your body from the same situation that is making you feel uneasy.

Lice represent a situation, person or relationships that you should distance yourself away from. For instance, if you feel responsible for snitching on someone for cheating while he/she was in a relationship and it ultimately led to a breakup, you might feel responsible and guilty about it.

The feeling of shame, guilt, and repulsion, in reality, can often lead to your psyche manifesting those feelings in the form of parasites such as lice. It can represent the sense of being exploited without knowing how and by what and who.

The subconscious is a powerful thing that remembers and replays memories when the body is unaware of it. So if you dream of lice, pay attention to your actions, the situations you are at and the people around you.