Rabbit in a Dream – Meaning

They are a big part of various folklores, pop culture, and many animated series that made our childhood. Because of this, dreaming of rabbits is a common phenomenon. But what does it mean to have such a dream? You may be wondering. I will help you find out.

I saw a rabbit in a dream – what is the meaning behind?

Meaning of it depends on how you interacted with it. Did you just see it? Did you hunt it? Did it attack you? There are many factors influencing the meaning. To start with the interpretation, we have to take a look at the symbolism of a rabbit.

What does the rabbit symbolize?

Rabbits aren’t known for their bravery or fierceness. They are small creatures, get scared easily, and usually spend their lives avoiding getting eaten. Rabbits aren’t known for their intelligence either. Although one must admit that they are adorable and easily win our hearts with their fluffiness and cuteness.

Seeing a rabbit running away from a prey means that you subconsciously associate yourself with it. You feel as if you are running away from something. You feel like the only way of dealing with the problem is to avoid facing it. Regardless of what makes you feel that way, facing a challenge in the position of a rabbit is never a good idea. Even if the decision of accepting defeat is logical, you have to drop the attitude of small prey.

Hunting a rabbit in a dream means that you seek to get a reward for your efforts in your life. It could be, for example, having a need for an appreciation from your family members for providing for them. It could also be wanting to get a promotion for doing a great job at work. You are most likely frustrated for not getting recognition for your work and have a dream where you chase a rabbit.

If the rabbit tries to guide you somewhere in a dream, it means that in real life you should be careful to trust others’ opinions. When the creature with a low intelligence tries to give you a direction, it’s not the best idea to listen to it. The same thing applies to real life. Just because somebody sounds smart and tries to teach you something, it does not mean that you should listen to it. Be careful with taking advice from others. Quite often they have no idea what they are talking about.

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