Recurring Dreams – Why Do They Happen?

Recurring dreams are one of the most frustrating dreams that baffle a lot of dreamers and psychologists. The dreams may vary from scary to normal and vague dreams or short and seemingly insignificant. The theories behind recurring dreams are a mystery but here are a few possible explanations.

According to Antii Revonsuo recurring dreams signify a threat in a person’s waking life. This threat often poses the dreamer’s life in danger and may involve a struggle to survive. In many case studies of recurring dreams, it was found that the dreamer is in a realistic threat that is impossible to escape from.

On the other hand, Gestaltist theory presents recurrent dreams as a person’s state of mental imbalance. You might not be aware of this mental imbalance, but when it is brought up in the dreams, it is significant that the dreamer delves into the life and surroundings to better understand the cause of the psychological imbalance.

According to Freud, recurring dreams are the expression of repetitive neurotic compulsion. There are certain psychological disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorders, and recurring dreams might be the earliest signs. It is the need to do things repeatedly or have the same thoughts frequently.

Other psychological disorders that recurring dreams can signify are anxiety, epilepsy, and post-traumatic disorder.

Recurring dreams in the form of nightmares are most commonly found in people struggling with the post-traumatic disorder. The dreams often prevent them from moving on or forgetting the horrific incidents they saw or experienced in their life.

Recurring dreams due to anxiety is caused when the person is anxious about daily and regular routines. The dreams can become more often when they are expecting something they are anxious about in the future.

Epileptic seizures significantly affect the neurological functioning of the brain. While some memories are erased or buried deep in the subconscious, epilepsy might bring back these memories. It turns into stages of dreams where a person sees what he sees in his previous dreams.

Dreams recur because the messages behind them are powerful and significant for your mental and physical being. The frequency of these dreams signifies urgency for you to pay attention to your surroundings and confront the underlying situations.

The dreams may occur once a week or once a month, but the variations are hard to miss. For instance, you might have recurring dreams of flying birds or be chased or finding a coin somewhere. The settings might be different but the most prominent thing you keep seeing in your dream is a reflection of your psyche, and that object is what needs your attention.

The most common interpretation for having recurring dreams shows a person’s inability to cope with certain situations in life, a reflection of fear and personal weakness. The repetitive occurrence of your dreams signifies an urgent need for attention to issues in your waking life. Once you confront things that bother you, no matter how uncomfortable, it is likely that the frequency of these recurring dreams will reduce and eventually fade.

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