Having Rotten Teeth in Dreams – What Does it Mean?

Dreams tell a lot about the state of our minds. Dreaming of rotten teeth is not meaningless. Anything that you dream comes from the subconscious mind. Analyzing and interpreting them could help you understand yourself better. Since starting to write about dream meanings, I’ve been asked many times what the rotten teeth in a dream have to tell about a person. I’ve finally found the time to answer it in this article. 

Understanding the message behind the dream is not an easy task. There is no universal formula that says seeing something means this and that. If anyone tells you, for example, that you’ll be rich because you saw a cat while dreaming, he is lying to you. If you believe them, then you are naïve. Why? Because everybody is different, and every single person has a complex life. We all react differently to various symbolic images. 

It is not impossible, however, to understand what your mind is telling you with the dreams you see. Perhaps seeing rotten teeth in a dream is not exactly the same for me as it is for you. Although there are various universal symbolic interpretations of very common objects. Following these clues gives us enough information to analyze what we see and come up with a smart conclusion. In this article, I will show you the symbolic meanings of rotten teeth and what it could mean to dream of them. 

Keep in mind that I have to cover various meanings of rotten teeth to be able to provide enough information for you to have an idea of what your subconscious mind is telling you. I still don’t know who you are and what your life story is. If you can’t find the meaning behind your dream and want my help, please ask the question in the comment. I answer all my readers. You can find the links to the answered dream questions below each article. 

Rotten teeth – Why dream of it at all?

Before understanding the meaning behind your dream, you should ask one question to yourself: Why would you dream of such a thing at all? The answer is a bit complex. I’m a hundred percent sure you agree that rotten teeth are not pleasant. Such a dream carries a negative meaning. You’d never be like “Oh, it was such a perfect dream. I was in a bar, having a great time AND I had rotten teeth. I loved it”. You most likely had a terrible feeling after seeing yourself in a dream having the teeth that were rotting. So, what’s up with the teeth?

The short answer – they are very important. It is one of the most important parts of our bodies. It is directly linked to our health and social well-being. Rotten teeth symbolize the decay of a crucial part of ourselves. 

Feeling hopeless – Such dreams symbolize slowly losing something very important right in front of you. An important piece of your identity is decaying and fading away. Being in such a situation is tough and requires godly inner strength to survive without spiritual and mental damage. Perhaps in waking life, your situation is not so extreme, but with the vivid imagery of rotten teeth, your subconscious could be hinting to a problem you are experiencing in your life. This could be anything from feeling anxious about future events to feeling melancholic about your current situation. 

Being afraid of society – Teeth always had an important social part in our lives. Think about it: how attractive is a person with rotten teeth? Not very, right? Healthy teeth always had a strong appeal to humans. There is a good reason behind it. When your teeth are healthy, it is a good indicator that you are healthy as well. The evolution programmed us to like healthy people because they are fit for survival and they will most likely not give you deadly disease and kill you. Perhaps you were not aware of such a detailed explanation of why teeth are socially significant, but you most likely have an idea that people like nice teeth. Whitening products are everywhere, we brush them twice a day and everyone talks about things such as “Hollywood smile” or “a million-dollar smile”. The symbolic meaning of teeth is deeply rooted in modern society. 

So, what does that have to do anything with you being afraid of the people? Imagine losing something that is so needed to be perceived as a likable person. Having a rotten tooth in a dream is even worse. Not only you don’t have nice looking teeth, but they are also rotten! This is a death sentence for your social acceptance. Your mind is occupied with thoughts about your status in society. You are afraid of being judged. You are uncomfortable around the people because you seek too much for their acceptance. 

Being worried about your health – Rotten teeth is an obvious indicator of a health problem. As I mentioned above, no healthy person would have them. So, dreaming of decayed teeth indicates you worry about your health. 

In public 

Dreaming of being in a public environment while having rotten teeth indicate the discomfort you experience around some people. Your social status is being compromised and the worry about it makes you have nightmares. 


In a work environment being respected by colleagues is crucial for both emotional well-being and the future of your career. If your dream took the place where you work, it means there is tension between you and co-workers. Perhaps you don’t go along with them or you started the work recently and afraid of being not accepted. 

Your partner has rotten teeth in a dream

Health could be playing a vital role in this scenario. Your partner is experiencing health problems and you could be worried about real life. These worries stick with you during the sleep and you dream of images associated with poor health. 

Such a dream could also mean the loss of attractiveness. Perhaps your partner is not the same as he/she was a few years ago. The time has changed, and you don’t experience the same lust and attractiveness as before. 

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6 thoughts on “Having Rotten Teeth in Dreams – What Does it Mean?”

  1. Interesting article. I had a dream about rotten teeth yesterday. Couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole day today. What a terrible thing, right? I would love to hear the opinion of others about this. I was dreaming that I’ve been sleeping in my bedroom. Suddenly a loud noise woke me up (in a dream). My teeth felt strange, but I did not pay attention to it. I got up and started looking around at my house.

    I could not find anyone, but I felt intense toothache. I went to the bathroom and saw in the mirror that my teeth were rotten. I started screaming and closed my eyes. The teeth started falling. I collected them and started crying. Suddenly my dog appeared. I hugged her and felt great comfort. Then I woke up. It was very strange.

  2. I am not sure about being afraid of the people, but I think the point about being confused and lost is spot on! I dreamt of rotten teeth today while taking a nap. Does that make any difference if you dream about something during the night or afternoon? Maybe symbolically it does not change anything, but I feel like brain activity is different during various times of the day. In my dream, I had rotten teeth and my husband felt really uncomfortable around me. He was acting strange and we were having an argument. I don’t remember why we were arguing, but I remember I asked him if he hates me because of my teeth. I feel like I was totally fine with having them rotten.

  3. oh, that makes so much sense. I always had a hard time dealing with the pressure coming from the people around me. I guess I’m insecure about a few things about me. I keep dreaming about my friends laughing at me. I don’t get, however, why do I keep dreaming of rotten teeth and not something else. Yesterday, for example, in a dream my teeth were so decayed, they fell off while drinking water. It was a nightmare and really don’t want to deal with seeing stuff like this. I talked to my therapist multiple times about my dreams. She always suggests to work on my problems in real-life and promises that nightmares go away. Although it is difficult to stop being so worried about what others think about me.

  4. Try to beat the weirdness of my dream – I discovered that I had one single rotten tooth. I was terrified and wanted to go to the dentist. Suddenly I sneezed and noticed that the second tooth also got rotten. I did not notice the connection at that point, but I sneezed again and the third tooth started rotting. Then I knew that my tooth problem was caused by my sneezing, so I tried to stop. Suddenly I started sneezing again without being able to stop. All of my teeth started to ache. Later my rotten teeth started to sing. They were singing a creepy horror movie song. All of them fell off and ran away. I started chasing them, but I could not keep up as they were super fast. That’s the story of how I lost my teeth in a dream.

  5. I agree that teeth are really important for beauty and social acceptance. I dream about losing teeth once in a while, but a few days ago I saw them started to rot. That terrified me. Not only the feeling of losing them is terrifying, knowing that they are rotting inside the mouth is disgusting. I was so disgusted in a dream that I felt super relieved once I realized I was only dreaming and it was not the reality. I usually spend lots of time in front of the mirror taking care of myself and my looks. I can’t say that I am super obsessed with how my teeth look, but I brush them regularly and almost never forge to floss them as well. Now sure why my subconsciousness has decided to show me the images of my rotten teeth. Is it telling me something? Am I suppose to take care of them better or do I have some kind of fear of being ugly? Of course I know that the dream can simply be a nonsence and I should not always chase the meaning behind it. But I feel like in this case it was not random and there is some kind of connection between my fear of losing teeth and my mental well-being.

  6. In my dream, I was walking in a strange town. There were lots of people outside getting ready for some kind of festival. It was snowing outside, but everyone was wearing summer clothes. All of them were complete strangers. They randomly started asking me questions that I do not remember, but what I noticed was that all of them had rotten teeth. They all looked strange – I don’t think any of them were sane. At some point, I said “this has to be a dream. it makes no sense” but then one of them told me that if it was a dream, why would you be here. It makes little sense, but I believed him.
    So I continued walking around this town. It was getting dark and everyone started carrying torches. Suddenly all of them made a large circle around me and started singing Christmas carol. I said, oh it must be only a Christmas celebration and felt better. But soon one of them said, “let us burn this child of a Lord” and pointed at me. I started running, but could not escape. They grabbed me, tied me and started burning me. But my body became of steel and the fire could not hurt me. I set myself free and started fighting them. In the end, I won and woke up. It was a really messed up dream full of emotions. I have no idea what those rotten teeth had to do with anything.

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