Did You Dream About Running Away? – Read This!

Dreaming of running away carries a strong symbolic meaning. Mostly it is negative. It can be explained by analyzing various scenarios. The message that such dreams transit from your subconscious mind can be crucial in real life. Therefore, it should not be ignored. When you run away from something in a dream, it usually means the following things:

–       You are tired of the current situation in your life

–       You are afraid of something

–       Your relationships are experiencing difficult times

–       You feel uncomfortable around strangers

–       You feel unhappy

–       Problems at work and with people in general

Running away from unknown threat – There can be a setting in a dream where you are not even sure what kind of danger threatens your safety. The feeling of frustration and fear, however, seems extremely vivid. Your brain is trying to warn you about the upcoming problems that it perceived by gathering subliminal clues. Your conscious mind cannot always properly interpret what is going on in your life. Your brain, however, is a master of analyzing things even when you are not aware of them. Then, during the sleep, it sends you messages through dreams.


Running away from your family in a dream – Your brain dreams of such images when the situation between you and family members are not going well. If the situation is getting unbearable and you actually had thoughts to run away, then your brain is translating the daily thoughts into the dreams. If you never thought of such thing and still dreamt something like that, then you simply understand well enough the troubles between you and family members. It is important to clear things out in order to find peace. Being in a toxic environment will damage your mental well-being.


From your friends – Running away from your friends in a dream is not as symbolically powerful as from your family members. However, it has also to do with the problems in a relationship. Your social life is not doing great and you seem to distance yourself from others. This affects the happiness level in your life and makes you feel depressed.


From strangers – Your introverted nature dominates you and makes you feel uncomfortable in social situations. Dealing with strangers on a daily basis makes you anxious and uncomfortable. It is, however, something that is difficult to avoid. For your future success, it is crucial to learn how to properly deal with the people. Even if they make you feel bad, we have designed our societies in a way that all of us are interlinked. Therefore, you need to make sure to develop the necessary skills to interact with strangers.

From work – The environment in which you work is not ideal for you. Even if it seems fine and part of the career path, your brain is trying to tell you that you are not happy there. In order to determine the problem, you should analyze what are the things that you dislike about your job.


Q/A – Readers ask about dreams involving running away – Answered by dream expert Jennifer Smith

Running away from a strange person

Question: I had a dream about running away and would like to hear your opinion about the meaning. The entire time I had a feeling that somebody was chasing me. Although I’m not sure who it was. All I remember is that it was somebody who wanted to hurt me. I was running on a very long street that was completely empty – Neither people nor cars. Only buildings were around, but without any shops or cafes. I was looking behind to make sure that person was not following me. After I ran for a long time, I was exhausted and decided to walk slowly. Suddenly I saw that person standing in front of me. He was a tall guy wearing white clothes. I screamed at him “what do you want”, but he did not answer. I started running back to get away from him. That’s all I remember.

Answer: It’s interesting that you’ve been running away from somebody and after a long time this behavior only led to it. Perhaps you’ve encountered that stranger only because you decided to run towards the random direction instead of figuring out what was actually going on. The stranger symbolizes the fear of trusting others. You are running away from social commitments. Your asocial behavior only causes problems in life and makes difficult to reach your full potential.

Running away from my clone

Question: There was my clone in a dream that followed me everywhere. It randomly appeared in my life. Everyone around me was strangely fine with it. They were like “oh, here’s another Amanda”. They knew that she was a clone and I was the real one, however. This clone was extremely friendly but in a weird way. In the beginning, she was kinda fun, but soon she got very annoying. Soon I started thinking that she might kill me to take my place and started to get paranoid. Then she nervously joked about kidnapping me. It gave me a clue that she really wanted to kill me. When this happened, I started to stutter and she realized I knew what her intentions were. So she tried to attack me and I started running away. She chased me, but I outran her. What a strange dream, right? what does it mean?

Answer: It is indeed a strange dream, but it’s quite common for our minds to create bizarre scenarios while sleeping. The clone obviously symbolizes you and your personality. Running away from yourself in a dream indicates that you do not want to accept who you are. You are also aware that by doing it, you only run away from the truth. That’s why you saw your clone in a dream and not a stranger. You may wonder what that means, so let me give you an example – Not accepting who you are is not about living a life that external things such as family or a culture decide. It’s about analyzing and accepting how your mind and a character is shaped. Only after knowing who you mentally really are can you improve yourself.

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