Scorpion in a Dream – Esoteric Meaning

Seeing a scorpion in a dream has various meanings. It can be interpreted by carefully analyzing the dream settings and comparing them to the symbolic explanations given below. It could have both positive and negative symbolism. If you have a hard time understanding why this scary creature visited you while sleeping, don’t worry! I will help you guide you and help you find out what it means.

Scorpion Symbolism

Deadly – Even animals a hundred times larger than scorpion fear it because even one encounter could end with death.

Venomous – Famously scorpions use the venom that is in their tail. It is an important element while figuring out the dream meaning.

Powerful – They are not big, but scorpions are powerful due to their deadly nature.

Protection – They are amazing at protecting themselves. As mentioned above, even way larger animals fear them.

Scorpion Dream According To Esotericism

Seeing a scorpion at your house – While having them around where you live could sound dangerous, it is a good sign. It means you are on the right path and such dreams show the protecting side of a dangerous animal. There is a strength inside you to deal with the problems you face in life.

The entire house covered with scorpions means that you feel unsafe at your house. It is a place where you find comfort and protect yourself from the outside world. Having so many dangerous creatures in it shows how your brain feels threatened. The threat, however, is from real life and can be anything from financial problems to problematic relationships.

Scorpion bit you – Such a dream carries the negative meaning. There is an external threat around you. It is crucial for your success in life to identify where the danger is coming from and deal with it.
Scorpion bit your friend or a family member – The tension between you and that person is rising without noticing it. You are getting close to a point where it will translate itself into the conflict. Avoid contact with them if you know that the argument is inevitable. To keep the relationship healthy, it will be better to keep the distance for some period of time.

You captured scorpion in your dream – You are going to defeat your next challenge. The problem you will face won’t be easy. Scorpion symbolizes the danger and power behind it. Although since in your dream you captured it, you will find the way to come out victorious.

You killed scorpion – Dreaming of doing it means finally accepting the past and removing the guilt from your mind. There were mistakes you’ve made haunting and distracting you. Now your brain has learned to learn from them and move on. Embrace the change and look into the future with hope. Also, remember that failure is inevitable if you want to grow stronger and smarter. Make sure you forgive yourself easier next time.

Eating scorpion in a dream shows the desperation and the need for survival. You are willing to do everything to move forward and save yourself. There are various things in life trying to take you down, but you don’t give up. Instead, you try to find a way and go forward. It is the trait needed to achieve great things and you are on the right path.

Dreaming of running away from scorpion means you are too weak right now to deal with the people around you. There are some individuals in your life trying to compete with you. This could happen at work, in university or other familiar places. You take them as your enemies, but fighting them right now is not a good time. You should try to develop yourself and improve your skills so you have enough strength to deal with them later in life.

Golden scorpion – the strength within you reaches the peak level. You should use it to your advantage. You are going to have the best performance in your life and need to be ready. If you get distracted, you will miss the golden opportunity.

Red scorpion – There will be difficult times in the near future. You will have very little motivation to continue with the daily routine. The job could seem dull and the healthy habits you have acquired will be in danger. You will crave the simple pleasures. It is better to take a little break and allow yourself to relax in moderation. It is crucial you don’t overdo it and lose yourself in pleasure. If done correctly, after the break you will have more energy and will-power.

Flying scorpion – Wings give the dangerous animals even scarier appearance. Every symbolic meaning becomes stronger when scorpion can fly in a dream. If it is trying to attack you, then it means that the danger is real life is bigger than you might think. If you were able to kill such scorpion, then the way you deal with your past mistakes changes. Now it means you grew mentally and feel wiser. The same meaning applies to other situations, depending on the settings of a dream.

Having a pet scorpion in a dream might sound funny, but it is a common occurrence. The meaning behind is positive. If you had such a dream, it means you are confident about yourself and dealing with life won’t be a problem for you. If you have difficulties in a relationship, it will be only temporary and soon you will figure out everything. You will also be productive at work and if you push yourself enough, soon the promotion will come.


Scorpion is full of symbolism and dreaming about it has various meanings. I can only list here some of the most common ones. It is up to you to interpret it correctly based on the information above. If you are still unsure, leave a comment below and I will try to interpret your scorpion dream for you.


Q/A by a dream expert Jennifer Smith 

Scorpion and a friend

Question: My dream about scorpions troubled me for a few days. I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon this website. Perhaps you know the meaning behind it. I was having a serious conversation with my friend about something. I know it was an important topic because we only go to that restaurant when one of us need help and support. When we ordered food, they brought us fried scorpions. When I got surprised and asked them what this was, the server answered that the turtle was not available today. It was confusing, but we decided to eat it. After eating our meal, my friend lost her mind and started acting strangely. I tried to calm her down but it was pointless. How can I interpret such a dream?

Answer: I believe the meal is coming from an old fable about the scorpion and a turtle. The story is about an ungrateful friend who can’t go against its nature and still try to harm turtle even though both would be in trouble if it did. Thus we can assume that the dream has a connection with your friend. Perhaps you think that all the support that happened in that restaurant previously is not appreciated by her and you have a need for more respect.

Scorpion as a gift

Question: In a dream last night my dog brought me a dead scorpion as a gift. I felt proud because he usually is very lazy and doesn’t do much. I put that scorpion as a trophy on the wall and was telling everyone how great my life has become after that event. What does this dream mean exactly?

Answer: It has not much to do with your dog being lazy, but with you. The trophy acquired by somebody else has become valuable and changed your life. It means that you expect others to provide for you and don’t have ambitions to do things by yourself.

Painting scorpion

Question: I painted a red scorpion in a dream and want to know what it means. I had a large canvas and was painting with the blood. I have no idea how I got that blood, but once I finished the painting, it became alive. I’m an artist in real life and paint abstract art. I never really did a scorpion. What can this mean?

Answer: Painting with blood symbolizes that this is your passion and life. Thus you put in it an essential part of living creatures. You painted scorpion, so it means that you should start creating art based on the mystical part of your mind. The fact that it became alive after the process also supports the idea of art being an important part of your life.

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