Dreams About Sharks – Must-Know Meaning Behind it

Sharks are powerful marine animals and seeing one in a dream has some peculiar meanings. In order to understand the subconscious message behind such a dream and to interpret it correctly, you need to analyze the settings of a dream and compare it to the potential meanings listed below.

Dreams are not easy to interpret. There are thousands of factors playing the role. Typically there are two approaches behind the theoretical analysis of a dream. It could be analyzed by the psychological methods and another involving a more general, esoteric approach. I will write about both of them in this article. Then it is up to you to decide which suits your mind more.

Shark Symbolism

When one thinks about the shark and its character, the following words come in mind:

  • Powerful
  • Hunter
  • Ocean
  • Dangerous
  • Blood

Sharks are apex animals that terrorize the ocean. For millions of years, they dwell in the open seas and kill anything they can stumble upon in order to survive. They are amazing hunters, have sharp teeth and swim extremely fast. They carry the symbolism of strength, danger, and survival. It is crucial to keep all these in mind before interpreting your dreams about sharks.

Meaning Behind Shark dreams

There can be both positive and negative meanings behind dreaming of sharks. Only by the detailed analysis of the settings, it is possible to interpret it correctly. Therefore, I will interpret various scenarios involving them.

Seeing shark in the ocean while you swim symbolizes the danger. There is a threat around you in a real-life and your mind is trying to warn you. The symbolism of strength and a hunter belongs to that danger and not you. In this scenario, you are only prey. It is difficult to defeat a shark in the water. It is where they feel the most comfortable. Thus, simply facing and fighting the threat won’t do any good. After detecting it, you need to think hard to understand how you can tackle the danger.

If you panicked in such a dream, it means you have a weak character and can be defeated easily. If despite the danger, you did not panic and decided to face the hunter, it means you have a strong character and ready to face tough challenges in real life.

If shark attacked you in a dream, it means that in the near future you are expecting difficulties in real life. Your mind is picking up subliminal cues around you. It could be minor things building up over time and now it is about to hit you all together. Shark attack symbolizes the danger you are in. With such images, your mind is trying to warn you about the upcoming difficulties.

We can further dissect the scenario as it has various sub-meanings. If after the attack:

You died – Then the threat is more serious and you need to be careful in real life. I recommend carefully analyzing the current situation you are in and deciding what could be the trigger of such dreams.

You survived – your brain is detecting the upcoming challenges, but it is not too serious. Sure, it will be difficult to face them, but you subconsciously feel optimistic and most likely won’t do much harm.

You defeated the shark – Perhaps in real life, it is highly unlikely this to happen, but in a dream, our imagination runs wild in order to clearly depict what your mind is trying to tell you. If you defeated a shark, it means that your confidence level is high and you should feel absolutely sure about your decisions in real life. Your subconscious mind knows what you are capable of. It has access to all the memories of your achievements and has a much clearer overview of your skills than you. have in daily life. Believe in yourself and push your desires without hesitation. Although, obviously, don’t use this to justify the spontaneous decisions. You should only go for things that you’ve been thinking about for a good amount of time.

Shark attacked your friend or a family member – It is not only ourselves we see in danger in a dream. It could also be somebody we love and care about. In case you saw your friend or a family member being attacked by a shark in a dream, it means the relationship between you and them is becoming or will get difficult to maintain. There is or will be problems arising that need delicate care. Otherwise, your relationship will be ruined.

If shark helped you survive the attack of another marine animal, it means that the situation you thought was dangerous for you will be helping you survive another challenge in life. We often fear of certain things and try to avoid or fight them. Sometimes, however, they can be used to overcome other problems. Use this opportunity to analyze how your current problems are used to improve your life. Remember, everything has good and bad sides. While you should try to avoid a bad one, you can always use a good side to your advantage.

Psychological Meaning Behind Shark dreams

Psychologists approach dream interpretations with more scientific methods. Therefore, the meaning behind shark dreams according to them is more general and coming from personal experiences.

The general symbolism of a shark is crucial here as well. We all have images of sharks as dangerous animals. There are countless movies with them chasing and eating people. When we dream of them, it most likely means we have some kind of fear trapped in our subconscious mind.

Because of the frequent usage in the entertainment industry, it is also highly possible that you simply saw a shark somewhere recently and your mind simply remembered it. Then, during sleep, you saw it in a dream.


Q/A about shark dreams by an expert Jennifer Smith

Shark and friends

Question: In my dream, I was having a party with my friend on a giant boat. We were young again and having a great time. I haven’t hung out with those friends for a long time. The last time was more than 20 years ago. I drank more than I could handle, so I wanted to vomit. I leaned too much and felt off the boat. I do not know how to swim, so I started drowning. My friends started laughing. I felt extremely angry and disappointed that they did not even try to help me. Out of nowhere, a giant shark started swimming around me. Things could not get worse, right? Nope. It saved me from drowning. I managed to go back on the boat and started arguing with my friends. They were really immature about it and I wanted to leave. I honestly felt nostalgic and even after the bad dream wanted to hang out with them. Can you please interpret my dream? Thanks a lot!

Answer: Instead of giving one general meaning, I believe it is better to analyze multiple symbolism in your dream. First of all, it is obvious that you feel nostalgic about your past. That’s why you were once more young in your dream. It is also natural that you miss being around your friends. I’m sure you had lots of great times with them and who wouldn’t want to live through those happy moments again? You fell off the boat, indicating that you feel that you outgrew those moments and live a different life now. Shark symbolizes the new life you started living after all those crazy years of being young. It might seem boring to live this life, but considering the comfort and safety it provides, it is for the best. Your friends not helping you signifies that you think those times were fun, but you, just like your friends, were immature and inexperienced.

Sharks swimming in the pee

Question: I want to tell you about my strange dream and hopefully you won’t find it disgusting haha. I was dreaming that I wanted to pee in the middle of the night (most likely I wanted it in real life) so I got up and went to the bathroom. It felt like I was actually doing it. When I peed and wanted to flush the toilet, I noticed that there were tiny sharks swimming in them. When I flush the toilet, I felt bad for them. I remember thinking that I killed them. I know maybe there is not much to interpret here, but why am I dreaming such weird things?

Answer: Your dream made me chuckle. It is funny and a bit random. Not all the dreams carry a tremendous meaning that you absolutely need to know. It is typical to have a dream about peeing when we have an urge in real life. During sleep, we don’t realize it, so our minds dream of it. Most likely you saw sharks somewhere during the day and your brain remembered it while sleeping. Feeling guilty indicates that you are a kind person and care about even the dangerous creatures.

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