Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

The majority of the people think that when it comes to guys, it is really easy to read signs he likes you more than a friend. That is not necessarily true for everyone. There are some guys out there who are simply really hard to figure out. There’s a high chance you are dealing with one right now since you are reading this. Don’t worry about it. We’ll try to help you find out if he really likes you or not.

Here are few signs a guy likes you more than a friend:

1. When a guy talks differently to you than other friends could be a sign he likes you more than a friend. You need to compare yourself to his other friends and see if there are any differences between the way he talks to you and them. If his attitude towards you is special and the words he chooses to use with you is more than usual, then he might be into you.

2. He pays attention to things you like and knows a lot about you in general. Of course, friends do that too, but if he really knows lots of information about you means that for him you are really important. I mean, yes sure you can know what music your friends listen, but it takes a really special person to remember details of your minor allergies, favorite snacks, etc.

3. If he gets shy when you have a physical contact, it means he likes you more than a friend. At least it definitely means that you are potentially more than a friend. If he blushes and acts strange when you accidentally touch each other or when you hug, there’s something going on. Unless he is really awkward with everyone in general.

4. He suddenly started to looking good when he’s around you. If a guy suddenly started to change his wardrobe and tries to look as good as possible in front of you, it is a sign he likes you. He’s obviously trying to impress you. Take a look at his style and analyze if he started doing it suddenly or it was a slow change. If the change happened slowly, then it might not be a sign you are looking for. If he changed in a week, then you have something to grab on.

5. He always texts you and calls you first and does it quite often. When a guy is giving you lots of attention and doesn’t mind that the initiation always comes from him, it is one of the clearest signs he likes you more than a friend. Normal friends, in general, would mind that you don’t ever text them first and eventually they would give up giving this much attention to you. When a guy is persistent and is in touch with you all the time, he clearly likes you.

6. He’s an active follower of your social media, liking your every photo. If he’s obsessed with your Instagram or Facebook, there’s definitely a reason behind it. Chances are he likes you and wants to express that with small things like liking your photos.

7. Have you started noticing some flirting lately? The friends do not do that usually and if he started to be more flirty after some time of your friendship, chances are he is slowly realizing that you are more than a friend. Take a close attention to how he talks and analyze if it is an appropriate tone for a friendship. If you notice the talking that does not really go with being friends and you would say it is flirting, then he definitely likes you.

What’s next if a guy likes you more than a friend?

Now that you have these signs and you are suspecting him liking you more than just a friend, you need to decide what your next steps are. First of all, let us analyze the situation that you have right now, assuming that he likes you. You are in a friendship with a guy who has a crush or a feelings for you. He either developed these feelings as the time passed or he liked you from the beginning, but never admitted it. In fact, he’s not admitting it right now or he’s waiting for a special moment. Your attitude towards the situation will be crucial for him to make a move. Let me explain:

Now you have to decide what your position is in this situation. Why are you even reading this article? Do you like him back? or do you feel uncomfortable that your friend has feelings for you and you do not? Either way, you have to make a choice and fix the situation or otherwise your friendship will start getting worse and it could end eventually.

Scenario 1 – Guy likes you more than a friend and you like him back

Congratulations! you’ve discovered that a friend of yours that you have a crush on likes you back. Now it is important to give him a comfortable situation so he admits that to you. Alternatively, of course, you can be the one who confesses and tells him about your feelings. If you are wondering how to tell someone you like him, we wrote a great article a few months ago.  If you don’t want to be the first one (which is understandable. You can’t 100% sure he actually likes you more than just a friend.), make sure you give him some signs so he figures it out. The best approach is to give him as many signs as he gives you back. So, once you analyze his behavior, act the same way.

Scenario 2 – You are more than a friend to him and you don’t feel the same way

That is indeed a complicated situation I would never want to be in. Why? because it could ruin your friendship and if you don’t clear the air, I promise it will end. If he won’t be able to overcome his crush on you, he will always suffer being around you. Would you enjoy being around someone you like knowing that you won’t ever get him or her? Things will always be awkward and if you don’t make everything clear, he might have a false hope as long as you are friends.

How not to hurt his feelings

The truth is that his feelings will get hurt one way or another. The actual question is how to hurt him as less as possible. This is yes or no scenario here. either you like him back or not. There’s no in between. Since you don’t like him back (we are still discussing 2nd case here), he is already hurt theoretically. If he is your friend and you care about him, make him understand that the people might not like him back and it is okay. Tell him that you can still be friends and he will find somebody else soon enough to forget all these and you will continue to have an awesome friendship.


Now you have all the signs and possibilities to be able to solve your situation as easy as possible. Take your time and make sure that these signs are real and not the part of your imagination. Don’t assume something based on one or two behaviors. Unless these signs are consistent, then they are not necessarily a reality. After you are sure that he likes you more than a friend, act according to your heart. Hopefully, you found the article helpful. Good luck with your relationships.


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