Signs of Manipulative Mother-in-Law

There are people out there using manipulation as a tool of achieving what they desire. We meet manipulators everywhere – at our jobs, universities, in the neighborhood and even in our families.  We wrote before about the general characteristics of a manipulative person, but today we are going to discuss specifically manipulative mother-in-laws who might be ruining your life.

There are various facts in the manipulative nature of a mother in law. Some of those manifestations are the following:

Manipulative mother in law makes things to be done in her own way. She desperately tries to make the situation in her favor so that she will be in her comfort zone and also her work gets done accordingly. You will often wonder – “why is she allowing herself to be involved so much in our lives?”, but that is exactly what they will do. Regardless if something is their concern or not, they will make sure to do everything to make things happen the way they want.

She can be characterized as a feature of having an audacity nature which is a very inclusive part of human being. She with her valor attitude will surely threaten your place of comfort and will definitely poke you to react at her judgment. Meaning that she can be reckless. You might get threatened by her behavior and wonder if it is even worth fighting her.

The mother in laws becomes a perennial deceiver who becomes so confident about her words that she can confidently color the words of a daughter in law and put it in the front of her son (or her daughter).

Spying becomes her favorite character. Say often enjoys by having the glimpses on your each and every activity with her eagle’s eye. Especially nowadays with the social media it has become even easier. They might even go through your chat history and read private messages. Why? simply because they want to know as much as possible to feel the control.

She can also be judged with the quality of a camouflage which includes her changing nature according to the state of affairs. When and if you blame her being manipulative, she might become a sweetest person for a few days to convince you that things aren’t that bad.

Manipulative mother in law plays the role of a controller in the whole family. She with her innocent essence always have the attitude to create a sovereignty over her whole family which eventually creates a harassment for the daughter or son in law. It is a hard situation that needs to be addressed carefully.

They always tend to be in a position to play the role of a victim. They always remain in a mood to shed her crocodile tears in front of her son and make him realize how sad and unhappy she is with her daughter in law (yes, many actually do that).

Such manipulative people can also be narcissists. Narcissistic mother-in-law is definitely the worst case scenario, because she will do everything to run you over.

Our society is in the grasp of such kind of mother-in-laws. We need to realize their traits of manipulating us. This game of manipulation has become very much common to play with the kindness of people. By keeping in mind all these facts, one should prepare themselves to identify the right nature of their mother-in-law.