Signs of Men who Manipulate

There are men out there who are specialists of manipulation. They have a talent and they know very well how to manipulate others. One can easily get trapped by their charm, but you can be ready. Here are signs of detecting men who manipulate you.

• If you haven’t done anything wrong, he will blame you regardless. He will never accept his mistake even though there is no fault of yours at all.
• He doesn’t want to take his responsibility and always try to pull you down in front of others. He always thinks that he is correct in all situations.
• Manipulated men will not give any respect to your feelings. Whenever you wanted to discuss certain things with him, he will show that he is busy and he doesn’t have enough time for you.
• Another sign of a manipulated man that he will emotionally blackmail you. He will always try to influence you with their sweet little words.
• You always agree to all his decisions and the worst part is that you can’t deny him because you don’t even know he is manipulating you.

• He will always make you feel that you are not good and beautiful and you don’t deserve him. He will show you that he has more options and he can get a better girlfriend.
• A person will start hating themselves because they feel they are nothing in front of them. They tend to lose confidence as they think that they are not special.
• The person will not understand your problem. Whenever his mood is good, he will talk to you but if his mood is not good he will not give any importance to you.
• He will treat you like you don’t have any good quality. He will make you feel that you are only lucky because he is good looking and intelligent and you are not.
• He can easily break any promises and doesn’t bother also it may hurt you. He doesn’t give any value to your expectations and your likings.
• He will be a sort of doubtful kind of person who will question on your nature. He can’t keep faith in you and always judges your character only.
• That person keeps on disturbing you even though you are busy but still you will be bound to answer his call because you are afraid of him.
They are always ready to take advantage of yours. They will try to convince or change your mentality and perception.
A person needs to be very aware of those people who can just ruin your life for them. Don’t just blindly love them and follow their paths.

Sometimes you can understand their evil game but sometimes you can’t. They know how to play with your feelings to comfort themselves and feed their lies. If you are in a relationship with a manipulative man, wake up! don’t think too much, they are just exploiting you and your life.

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