Dreams About Snakes – What Do They Mean

Dreaming about snakes is full of symbolic meanings. Interpreting them will tell you a lot about yourself and the subconscious mind. The article covers various dream settings to help you understand what your mind is telling you with such dreams.

Snake Symbolism

Snakes mostly carry negative symbolism, but it varies in different cultures. They are usually associated with:

  • Treachery
  • Evil
  • Mystery
  • Hidden Wisdom
  • Danger
  • Hostility

Meaning Behind Snake Dreams

Seeing a snake at your house in a dream means the disturbance of your comfort and hidden fear. There was an evil animal where you sleep and feel safe. Your mind carries the anxious thoughts. You are subconsciously overwhelmed by them and seek help. Meditate on what scares you in life. Are you worried about your finances? Are your relationships in good shape? Understanding what causes the fear will soothe the troubled mind.

Dreaming of a snake in a bathtub means that you slowly lose the trust of your family members. Even if you don’t feel it in real life yet. Your subconsciousness knows you better. There will be a conflict between you and them in the future. Avoid escalating it by being calm and understanding. Otherwise, you will ruin the relationship for life.

Snake biting you in a dream indicates the worries you have about your health. Most likely your lifestyle is not best suited for a healthy body. Perhaps you eat bad food, smoke or almost never exercise. All this causes an unhealthy body and worrisome thoughts about your future health condition. Getting bitten by a snake symbolizes these subconscious thoughts.

Surviving a snake bite means that during the upcoming problematic situation you will be able to find a solution. Your mind is ready to take the challenge. If a snake bite in a dream is serious and it seems you won’t make it, then your mind is losing hope and feels unsafe.
Killing a snake in a dream is a good sign. It means that whenever next time there will be a difficult situation, your brain will be ready to act properly and overcome it. Your confidence in your inner strength and wisdom is high and for it, you will be rewarded.

Some dreams have talking snakes in them. It can be weird to see one, but talking snake symbolizes the access to the hidden wisdom and spiritual guidance. There is a side of you that holds very important knowledge of life. You haven’t explored that side yet. By doing it, you will be able to drastically improve yourself and quality of life.

Dreaming of finding a dead snake in a dream symbolizes the hostility from some people towards you. Even if you don’t notice it, your brain is a master of collecting subliminal cues. There are some people in your life that dislike you and will try to harm your reputation by spreading rumors. They can be your colleagues, neighbors or even your friends.

Running away from a snake means that you are uncomfortable facing the problems in life. There are things that you do not want to do. Perhaps the job is dull and boring, parenting is difficult and requires tons of energy, or others have high expectations from you that get stressful. Your dream is a translation of it. It seems like you need to take a break and face the challenges with a refreshed mind.

Eating a snake in a dream indicates that your life is boring and you crave excitement. Doing it real life is associated with doing something unusual and tasting exotic food. You dream of it because there is a lack of fun activities in your life. Your brain needs fun to relieve stress. It is a bad idea to deprive it of leisure time. No matter what the reason is for your boring period in life, it is crucial to find time to relax and spend some time doing something you enjoy.

Does the snake dream mean there will be evil in my life?

Christian teaching considers snakes to be evil creatures. If you are religious, then it can symbolize evil for you. Although keep in mind that dreams are connected to subconsciousness and our emotions. So, evil spirits or demons have nothing to do with them.


Q/A about dreaming of snakes by an expert Jennifer Smith

Snake in a strange house

Question: The dream that I had last night left me with questions about myself. I was wondering if you could help me with the interpretation. I was walking with my dog at night on a narrow street. There was an unusual amount of street lights on it. I saw a strange-looking old house and it grabbed my attention. I would never go anywhere near scary looking place in real life, but I guess I’m way braver while dreaming. So, I decided to go in. The house was surprisingly well-lit inside. I was walking around when I noticed that there was a huge serpent near the chimney that was burning something with blue fire. The snake told me that it was expecting me. Suddenly my dog got scared and ran away. The serpent asked me to sit down near it. It started giving me some life advice that I don’t really remember, but I know they seemed really good ones in a dream. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the creature I thought would eat me gave me the best advice.

Answer: Just like you were surprised in a dream, you can be pleasantly surprised in real life as well. Often we judge books by their covers and that only gives us a wrong perspective of many important things. The snake in your dream symbolizes the misjudgment inside you towards various things. You think bad things about them, but you might be wrong. I don’t think that your dog has significance in this dream. It only serves as an indicator that the snake was indeed a scary-looking creature. The old house, however, is a sign of an unusual place that you would not typically explore. So, to combine these to elements, we could assume that your mind is telling you to seek self-development in the places you would not typically seek.

Snakes in the forest

Question: I took a nap for a few minutes when I saw a dream that made me feel like it was continuing for a few hours. It was so complicated that it hurt my brain. I was jogging in the forest when I saw that the entire place was covered with red snakes. I remembered that the creatures with the vivid colors are very venomous or poisonous. So, I got scared and felt really uncomfortable. I froze and decided not to move until I had a solution. So, I started thinking of various ways of avoiding getting bitten. I actually felt how my brain was processing some complex solutions in my head. I don’t remember them, except for the final one. I decided to use a flamethrower to kill these snakes with fire. Don’t ask how I got one, but I started burning them with this flamethrower and went home safely. So, what can this silly dream mean?

Answer: You had an obvious problem in a dream and needed to use your mind so solve it. After long and intense thinking you found the solution. As I wrote in the article, it is a good sign to kill a snake when it poses a danger. The same thing could be applied in waking life – you should trust your judgment and think of the solutions to your problems using your intelligence.

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